apply + writer guidelines

welcome to the application

please use the form below to submit your application. including samples would be nice.


Writer Guidelines:

We’re pretty transparent here. Below are the writer’s guidelines. If these harsh your vibe, then nbd. You could always go write for Kotaku.

1. content guidelines

We’re a semi-gonzo journal. Write whatever you want. There’s not really any rules. If you’re unsure – please contact Robek. We don’t have deadlines. Try to have some standards for quality though.

2. Series

If you’re publishing a series, try to be consistent on publishing dates. this is articles / fiction / poetry. Break fiction into chapters and post when you promise (don’t publish all on one day, break into multiple days.)

3. publishing

Save your articles as draft. when it is finished submit as pending review. It’ll go live once EIC builds headers and reviews.


4. Categories

  • make sure you use the proper category for your content + all content except for videos, art and creative writing should be marked as ARTICLES
    if a category doesn’t exist, let me know and we can add it or find a proper place
    if you’re unsure what categories to use, ask!

tags – the tags are up to you. you can use anything you want for tags.

5. Images

Featured image – every post needs a featured image. rw will draw you featured images if you want
rw will make images for your posts if needed (photoshop)

if you are inserting images, please understand how copyright works. use images that are free for use or free if modified. good resources are pixabay, google advanced image search, wikimedia commons, whatever. send me attributions if you have to attribute. yadda yadda yadda. screencaps and stuff just need to be copyright tagged the original publisher in the caption.

7. Editing

in general, write with an editor’s mindset. why or myself may make edits to grammar and spellcheck, but we shouldn’t be making stylistic changes to your work. the exception is that all video game content will be edited by why, so be forewarned. We want your voice to shine through.

6. Medium

All work will be cross-posted to Medium. We’re popular on Medium, and needed to ensure the platform doesn’t remain a terrifying echo chamber. If you don’t have a medium account and want your articles to be attributed to you, sign up for one and I’ll add you to medium publication as well. We have an integration that allows us to publish directly from here.

7. content rights

you maintain ownership of articles you publish. you maintain ownership to your persona and writing, videos, designs. If at any point you would like to have your work removed from the publication, please let Robek know. You grant the right to publish your content on and Medium, as well as use it to advertise and promote on social media.

8. bounty & compensation


We will be periodically posting bounties for articles. Each one will have their own price point and be timed for fulfillment.

  1. claim the bounty
  2. write the content within the time window
  3. get paid

bounties will most likely be related to current events or popular media.

Otherwise, we try to pay as often as we can afford for quality content + consistent updates.

9. ad revenue

As of now, there is no advertising on – should traffic pick up and we go that route, writers will be compensated based on an as of yet undefined traffic variable. putting this in because you deserve to be paid if we ever make it big ( big if ).
we’re in a work of progress state, this is for funsies, but i do want to maintain a semblance of professionalism.

This applies to Patreon as well. Once server costs are covered, the remaining funds will split between creators.

We don’t plan on adding ads, we hate them.

10. exclusivity

in order to maintain a consistent content style, we’re limiting writers to ~10 for the time being.




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