What is the Fediverse 2020

what is the fediverse

Times certainly have changed since 2016! The Fediverse has grown organically into an amazing network of hobbyists and friends. Learn about the Fediverse and how to get started in this 2020 Introduction to the Fediverse. You can find the prequel here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t1lYU…

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What is the Fediverse?

Welcome to the Fediverse. A nightmare realm created from the corpse of ancient aliens and sewn together with strands of hair, blood, and Ruby on Rails.

Mastodon Social… I mean EUNOMIA also known as the Fediverse — is a publishing platform originally created so that people could get away from the political hellscape known as Twitter and utilize a web publishing protocol (which used to be OStatus but now it’s ActivityPub and you’d better worship the fucking guy who made it or he’ll write passive aggressive hot takes about you on his blog) to send messages to people across servers and networks. And now is home to a diverse variety of terrible opinions, a non-stop barrage of politics from people representing different breeds of animals, and an unhealthy amount of loli.

Originally, the fediverse (a distributed and federated network) allowed users to control their social networking experience without the slimy tentacles of CENTRALIZED ORGANIZATIONS butting in to dictate policy and other things. This is a pretty radical and exciting idea but like all things decentralized — most people don’t have the intellectual capacity to know what to do with themselves after breaking free of the chains of their corporate and government overlords. So after a few years everyone realized that bureaucracy was popular for a reason and the lords of the Fediverse decided to slowly incorporate confusing standards into their software so that everyone split across different platforms found it nearly impossible to communicate with each other – leaving them all once again stuck inside their all inclusive bubbles.

That’s where you come in! The fediverse is a great place to make new friends and then lose them after they radicalize themselves to some strange cyber dystopian brand of communist furdom nationalism. You’ll enjoy watching the spiral of depravity as both your friends and their nodes self-destruct due to the emotional and economic cost of having an original idea online.


Not all is lost. There are still remnants of culture across this space. There is fertile ground untainted by ideology outside of free software and distributed networking. Though many gardens may be walled and many servers gated behind the 10 blocklists and commandments of of virtue, the opportunity remains.

Join the fediverse, carry the banner of freedom, and forge your own destiny at the side of your brothers and sisters and whatever otherkin in autism. The Fediverse is still the wild west and gold is still on the horizon.

We’ll see you there partner.

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