Brave Publisher Approval Guide for WordPress Users

I’m an idiot, so this took some time to solve for myself. Because I had to figure it out (with some help from my good friend Moon), I thought I’d share how to get Brave Publisher verified through WordPress. If you’re excited about Brave’s attention-based platform — which utilizes Basic Attention Token and Uphold’s payment platform, you may want to sign up as a verified publisher. This will allow you to accept payments of Basic Attention Token (BAT). If you haven’t noticed, is now an official Brave Publisher.

If you’re unfamiliar with Brave’s advertising model, here’s the quick rundown. Brave user’s add BAT to their browser’s wallet. Instead of dealing with advertising, users reward sites they visit often and for large periods of time with BAT. The idea is to build a new web, free from the evil grasps of advertising revenue.

You can read more on this here:

Meat and Potatoes

Perhaps you’ve made it here because you have a WordPress site and Brave has detected it. In the instructions they ask you to install Well-Known URIs plugin. They don’t tell you how to get it working or what to put in specific fields. Fear not, because here’s what you need.

Step 1: Install well-known-URIs plugin. You can search the plugin database or manually install.

Step 2: Click settings -> well-known uris -> and enter below into the fields

Field 1: brave-payments-verification.txt

Field 2: text/plain

Field 3: Paste your verification code. It should begin with “brave-ledger-verification=[your_provided_code]

Step 3: Click save.

Go get verified!

Example of fields you need for brave publisher verification on wordpress

That’s literally it. If your site isn’t WordPress, they just send you a file to upload to your server.

Next we’ll figure out how to make the web work for all of us.

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  1. Hey Robek,

    Thanks for the write-up! I followed your instructions to the letter but am still waiting for an email from Brave. Do you have any idea what could be up?

    All the best!

    1. Hey there!

      I know the Brave team is working on an updated plugin, that will solve many of the issues outlined here. How did you paste their verification code in the field?

      Did you resubmit for verification after you updated it?

  2. I installed the plugin but there isn’t any option for setting, what do I do?
    Moreover during the installation they said “You will need ‘manage_options’ capability to use the Settings page for this plugin”.
    They didn’t provide any guidance on getting this done, I have spent hours trying to figure this thing out but no success.

    Their unsupportive forum said something about DNS and file upload but at the reward pay there are no such options.

    Please assist me because brave teams are confused.

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