My 2018 In Video Games

Because I lack any humor I once had, I don’t want to do elaborate awards this year. Instead, I’ll give my thoughts on some games I explored or rediscovered this year. At the end, I comment about some things potentially coming in 2019. The Alliance Alive The little 3DS is so proud of its success, […]

alan wake
May 2017 – Death and Rebirth

This month in video games played with what few emotions I have left. Mostly contained in two, completely unrelated events, about the availability of two unique but flawed third person shooters which initially released exclusively on 7th gen consoles. I’m talking about Alan Wake and Vanquish. tl;dr: I recommend both of them, but they aren’t […]

The Tale of the Cracker Connoisseur

Once upon a time there was a cracker connoisseur who was named William Henry York or something like that. He had eaten crackers all his life, and soon came to realize there was more to crackers than being simply a salty snack. Lately, he was in search of a more sophisticated cracker. He had always […]

the far cry 3 template video games robek world why
The Far Cry 3 Template

The Far Cry 3 Template is a basic plan to make an open world game, one which everyone will recall as fun, praising its gameplay, all without an inch of proper game design. This template existed before Ubisoft’s Pile Of Shit 3, in many different forms, from many different developers. I term it as such […]

The Sexiest Game Of All Time: Sega Rally 2

Burning out this Valentine’s Day. Now I know what you’re thinking: “Sega Rally 2? Really? Not Dead or Alive Xtreme 3? Or Senran Kagura? Not even Darius II?” Yes, this is no joke, I am 100% serious.

fuck you sam
oregon trail: shtu the fuck up sam

hey sam you asshole yeah i know your reading this u bitch. think i dont remember the lies you told me in 5th grade well guess again mother fuckr. i just beat oregon trail and it was easy as fuck you said it was the hardest game ever and i couldnt play it because only […]

PAX South - What are video games 2017
PAX SOUTH – Video Games in 2017

It’s Unfamiliar What do video games look like in 2017? What games are coming out in 2017? Is PAX the place to find out?┬áPenny Arcade Expo is the premier Video Game convention. This wasn’t my first PAX and it most likely won’t be my last. Though I can’t help but feel that everything about it […]

EDF Review

EDF is a game about shooting the hell out of giant bugs and robots.

The Year in Review: Video Games

In Which I Drift Between Irony And Sincerity