necrolepsy game review by triodug

Necrolepsy is an action adventure platformer, or metroidvania for all you buzzword enthusiasts out there. You play as Lira, a spunky bounty hunter cursed with Necrolepsy(tm) by a group of multi colored tokusatsu necromancers.

Risk of Rain? More Like Risk of Rain 2

First of all I’d like to say hello, I haven’t written an article in a while, and to be honest I have no real reason for it. Second, what is up with this new editor? Everything looks different and I’m scared. Anyways, Risk of Rain is a game that came out in 2013 and Risk […]

It was awesome
It’s Been Exactly One Year Since I Tried To Order a Fortnite Burger

For the record, the hill I will plant my flag and die on is that Raising Canes is the only fast food chicken that matters. A weird hill to die on, I know, but at least I’m dead.

My 2018 In Video Games

Because I lack any humor I once had, I don’t want to do elaborate awards this year. Instead, I’ll give my thoughts on some games I explored or rediscovered this year. At the end, I comment about some things potentially coming in 2019. The Alliance Alive The little 3DS is so proud of its success, […]

Tsugunai – Atonement

Think about your favorite town in a JRPG. Anyone who’s played a JRPG has a favorite, and usually a different one from everyone else. Why you like the town varies: maybe it’s from one of the first games you’ve played, or it reminds you of your home town, you really like the setting or stories, […]

Spider-Man (PS4)

A loud ding can be heard off in the distance. The source: your mom’s brand new 2004 GE oven and stove top combo priced at $350 in the sears catalog. This chime is like a sweet symphony to your ears as it heralds in an era of unadulterated greasy goodness. That’s right, it’s pizza time. […]


Seemingly the entire PC simulation game genre has a tendency to give the player immediate head-first immersion. That immersion is in both senses of the word: complete theming of all audio/visual elements of the game, and complete detachment from guiding the player, forcing them to make mistakes and learn from them. Uplink, a 2001 game […]


In this video, WHY explores all the great parts of E3.

death stranding kojima trailer top 5 robek world
The Top 5 Things I Learned From Reading All Of The “The Top 5 Things I Learned From Watching All Of The “Death Stranding” Trailers On Hard Drugs” Article On Hard Drugs

Okay Coach… Coaches Corner? Coaches? However I’m supposed to say your name, this article is for your eyes only. Also for the eyes of everyone else reading this article. I know this is outside the area of your expertise, but hey, Full Disclosure? I don’t care. Number 5 – Psycho Mantis has always been real […]

Retro Resurrection: The Year of Unwanted Surprises

I didn’t ask for this, and I’m sure you didn’t either. Hell, I can’t even think of a single person that could have wanted this. Our cries for mercy go unheard as our sadistic overlords begin the ceremonial shaking of the creatively insolvent piggy bank. And out of it’s decrepit underbelly exuded the corpse of […]

alan wake
May 2017 – Death and Rebirth

This month in video games played with what few emotions I have left. Mostly contained in two, completely unrelated events, about the availability of two unique but flawed third person shooters which initially released exclusively on 7th gen consoles. I’m talking about Alan Wake and Vanquish. tl;dr: I recommend both of them, but they aren’t […]

blizzard battlenet destiny 2 fisherprice dota
Thoughts on Destiny 2 + “Blizzard App” and Fisher-Price DOTA (Heroes of the Storm)

I can’t stop playing / paying for these shallow games. It’s finally been made clear to me. I had questioned why Blizzard would change the name of it’s classic and well-known Battle.Net service. It has brand equity, is catchy, and has been the Blizzard catch all for multiplayer gaming since 1996. Changing the name to “GENERIC […]