No Amount of Social Distancing is Going to Make You Feel Better About The Future of the Mets

It is March 18th, 2020. It’s around the middle of the day for most people in the United States. You are alone. So what, right? You’re always alone anyway. The only difference between being alone last March 18th is that no one (rightfully) called you a hero for it. A year ago today, if you […]

The future of Major League Baseball.

This may be distressing news to some of you, and it pains me to be the one who breaks it, but anime is not real. Obviously anime – the medium – is real. If it wasn’t, you couldn’t have weird, heated, and vaguely Gary Glitter adjacent arguments about which 13 year old girl from Neon […]

It was awesome
It’s Been Exactly One Year Since I Tried To Order a Fortnite Burger

For the record, the hill I will plant my flag and die on is that Raising Canes is the only fast food chicken that matters. A weird hill to die on, I know, but at least I’m dead.

Stand Witness – The Leafs, Dart Guy, and a eulogy for some other losers

Two seasons ago when Mike Babcock left the Detroit Red Wings to become the highest paid coach in NHL history for the worst team in the league, I have to admit I did not see a light at the end of that tunnel. The Toronto Maple Leafs being terrible has been a constant since, well, […]