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Spooktober Bonus Article – Cut List

I don’t have time to play so many games, I’m only one person. Maybe, since I’m a Games Journalist, I can review a game without completing it or knowing too much backstory about it. So here’s a few games which didn’t make the cut due to my inability to focus and play one game at […]

Spooktober: Kid Dracula

Kid Dracula is a Castlevania spinoff released in 1993 for the Gameboy. It’s a sequel/remake of an earlier, inferior Japan-only NES game. You play as Dracula’s son, on a quest to save the castle or something, the story was neither clear nor important. The game doesn’t really play similar to Castlevania as you might expect, […]

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Spooktober: F.E.A.R.

F.E.A.R. is a linear first person shooter in the vein of Half-Life. Released in 2005 by Monolith Productions, it’s a fairly fun game that holds up in the graphics and gameplay departments. The visuals and 3D audio (look into installing those drivers) make the game extremely atmospheric with little detriment to gameplay. There’s 2 expansion […]