No Amount of Social Distancing is Going to Make You Feel Better About The Future of the Mets

It is March 18th, 2020. It’s around the middle of the day for most people in the United States. You are alone. So what, right? You’re always alone anyway. The only difference between being alone last March 18th is that no one (rightfully) called you a hero for it. A year ago today, if you […]

A Basic Introduction to GNU social and Mastodon Social

In case my old video: wasn’t coherent enough, here’s a breakdown for normal people, created to be as pleasant as possible for mass market appeal. Get started on GNU social: Get started on Mastodon: Follow me on Music:

A Newcomer to the Fediverse

There’s a sub-segment of Twitter that I used to really enjoy. It still exists, and it’s called #FrogTwitter. The frog being referred is Pepe, infamous for his memetastic association with the elusive alt-right. This cartoon character was absurdly condemned as a hate symbol by Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, as well as the Anti-Defamation League. #FrogTwitter could be […]

Contrary to Popular Belief, Carrie Fisher Didn’t Lead a Galactic Rebellion

It’s time to stop. Celebrity worship and the social media virtue signalling upon a death has gotten out of control.

“You’re Hilarious”

A chat log deditated.ram [3:40 PM] Was anyone in this group birthed after the internet was here? [3:40] Like grew up thinking it’s just a thing we have. [3:40 PM] no deditated.ram [3:40 PM] Dang, I wanted to ask about how they learned about it and what they think it really is for. [3:41] […]