HIVESWAP – Reviewed

Today, in an effort to continue the ongoing war of gimmick infringement I’m fighting with W.H.Y. (Come on man, Pasta Salad?) I’m going to review a video game. Let’s get this over with. Hiveswap is a video game. Cool, right? Well, what the hell is Hiveswap? That’s a good question, because I certainly don’t know,… Continue reading HIVESWAP – Reviewed

What’s the Deal with Pasta Salad?

Every single time there’s a work catered event, someone orders pasta salad. The question is…why? Does anyone actually like pasta salad? You arrive, you’re already annoyed about the two drink maximum, and there on the bar it sits. Pasta salad. What’s the deal with pasta salad? Is is pasta? Is it salad? What is it? I… Continue reading What’s the Deal with Pasta Salad?