What is the Alt-right? An overview.

These memes are all I know Why #GamerGate was a mistake and the worst flavored redpill. The year is 2016. That is truly the current year. Some of us have been users of the internet for decades. When the internet was invented, 神様 (Kami-Sama) gave the user only two commandments: 1. Don’t believe anything you read… Continue reading What is the Alt-right? An overview.

“You’re Hilarious”

A chat log deditated.ram [3:40 PM] Was anyone in this group birthed after the internet was here? [3:40] Like grew up thinking it’s just a thing we have. robek.world [3:40 PM] no deditated.ram [3:40 PM] Dang, I wanted to ask about how they learned about it and what they think it really is for. [3:41]… Continue reading “You’re Hilarious”