the current climate of cryptocurrency part 1 robek world
The Current Climate of Cryptocurrency – Part 1

Welcome to crypto! Since June, the entire climate of cryptocurrency has been in a complete state of calamity. There’s no doubt you’ve heard about them from your nephew, co-worker, or religious leader. Bitcoin and Ethereum have been featured prominently in the news media, forcing everyone to share their ill-informed opinions of the space. With the […]

The Horrifying Way Fake News Makes Your Brain Work

Scientists have had a lot to say recently, and that’s a good thing. Without them, we’d be neck deep in a nightmare dystopia. Luckily, we’re only waist-deep, but Fake News™ could push humanity there… if we’re not vigilant. Recent sources close to scientists have suggested that Fake News™ could be reprogramming our brains and changing […]

Media Shocked By Public Refusal to Listen to Rhetoric — dies in sleep

  After 60 years of agenda-driven reporting, the Media quietly passed away surrounded by loved ones. The Media was 411-years-old. Due to the Media’s insistence of running 24-hour cycles, many thousands of journalists were sacrificed to Baal… until the rise of Blogging. Bloggers taught the Media objectivity was a thing of the past. By trashing the […]