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The Far Cry 3 Template

The Far Cry 3 Template is a basic plan to make an open world game, one which everyone will recall as fun, praising its gameplay, all without an inch of proper game design. This template existed before Ubisoft’s Pile Of Shit 3, in many different forms, from many different developers. I term it as such […]

I’m Going To Talk About Video Games and You’re Going To Like It

Fuck your politics, video games are much more important right now. This is kind of an introduction piece for me, it definitely isn’t going to be what I normally write. My objective now is to display my opinions and their reasoning about video games in general. I’m not planning on coming to a point, or […]

steps: here’s how you take a screenshot in linux first you take a photo with your iphone then you email that photo to yourself because you don’t want to learn a new skill like how to take a screenshot by googling it then you upload it to social media #Sunday #SaturdayNightTakeaway #sa #sdsr […]