HIVESWAP – Reviewed

Today, in an effort to continue the ongoing war of gimmick infringement I’m fighting with W.H.Y. (Come on man, Pasta Salad?) I’m going to review a video game. Let’s get this over with. Hiveswap is a video game. Cool, right? Well, what the hell is Hiveswap? That’s a good question, because I certainly don’t know, […]

The Venting of Sexuality Throughout the Ages

Since the beginning of history, humanity has been driven forward by a multitude of factors: Food, safety, housing, stability, ga…

Robek Told Me I Couldn’t Publish My Homestuck Fanfiction On This Website, But That Will Not Stop Me.

Chapter 1 ohn Egbert was never the type to wax nostalgic about times long since passed, but he couldn’t help but feel a twinge of that deep, emotional and visceral feeling as he left The Office for the day. He said goodbye to his co-workers, (who didn’t say anything back, because they are quite literally […]

Homestuck – Reviewed

See, fucked up thing is that the dude is only stuck in his house for like 40-something pages.