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The Far Cry 3 Template

The Far Cry 3 Template is a basic plan to make an open world game, one which everyone will recall as fun, praising its gameplay, all without an inch of proper game design. This template existed before Ubisoft’s Pile Of Shit 3, in many different forms, from many different developers. I term it as such […]

2016 Hellection: Pepe’s Chosen Has Risen.

And it happened, ladies and gentlemen.

5 Hot Tips To Avoid Showing Partisan Support On Election Day

Maybe you want to keep your friendships. Maybe you didn’t vote. Maybe you don’t want people to think about you being some sort of radical political annoyance. If you’re on, you probably have a very bad social life to begin with and don’t want to make it worse. So, with this upcoming election, the […]

Andy: Taking Back Memes from the Alt-Right

Spread the word of Andy on Twitter with #ForAndy, and with #ImWithHer.