The Space Device Premise and the Certain Promise of Our Inevitable Demise

Well… it’s been a while since I’ve visited this series. I know you’ve all be very eager to see how I wrap it up. The twists and turns we’ve been through…how it all ties together. We could go anywhere basically. A long time ago, approximately 2017, I had a vision for the end of this […]

2012: The Year the Universe Ended

How deep down the rabbit hole are you willing to go? Mythology, conspiracy, religion and science fiction — all of these things may hold the answer as to why 2016 surprised you and why you’ve felt so depressed these past 4 years.

We hope you’ll suspend some disbelief and stick with us through this 3-part series.

Aliens Have Been Here All Along, and Here’s What You Missed

Aliens have been the center of much controversy since the dawn of time. The argument of whether we are alone in the universe is one that cannot be ignored, as proof that humans are alone (or the alternative) would redefine philosophy and religion.