A Response to “Overwatch’s Nicest Players Are Giving Me Anxiety”

Firstly – Nathan Grayson, go fuck yourself.

I have been working in the journalism industry for half a decade, and I have been around journalism and the products thereof for my entire life. I have witnessed some truly extreme and embarrassing takes from the “verified” “professional” types, from CNN to Fox and Friends to Carles from Hipsterrunoff. You remember HRU, right? It was like Pitchfork, if you were the type of person who called Pitchfork “p4k” and liked to use lots of “scare quotes” to “make points”.

The point here is that I have witnessed an awful lot of bad shit in my near-25 years alive, but I can honestly say that your article, your article which spends upwards of 8 paragraphs complaining about the entire concept of being polite in human interaction through the lens of a (very bad) video game is the single worst written work that has ever been published and paraded around as journalism that I’ve ever seen, and I’ve read robek’s articles about cryptocurrency. (which is fake, and for idiots, and gay.)

Your “article”, which is a generous descriptor at best, begins with you expounding on the infamously toxic Overwatch community, only to, less than half a paragraph later, tell people who are polite that you hate them. Honestly, I must admit that I didn’t read your article word for word from that point. I did a lot of skimming. Deep in the very pit of my being I knew that reading your lengthy complaining would be like staring directly into the lost ark, from that movie where Han Solo raids the lost ark, and my face would be melted off by the sheer idiocy and snotty, privileged whining coursing through your words.

I was almost able to read what you typed in what I can only assume is your voice – when you spoke of social anxiety being what drives you to use a word as strong as “hate” to describe people who are polite, I heard the whiny, weed-tinged drawl of someone who used to be a bit too into M83 in high school. When you typed “Great job, keep it up, but I hate you!” (I’m only paraphrasing, I couldn’t stomach your actual words once and I sure as shit can’t go back to directly quote you.) I heard it in the same voice that a man who’s nearly bald at age 24 talks about his favorite local microbrewery tour. The same disdain I hold for everyone who still believes sincerely in irony takes hold of me like a vice while you complain about interacting with people.

There a comes a point where you must take responsibility for your own behavior. There will come a time when you move out of your liberal arts college campus dorm room when you will need to say “Hey, maybe people being nice isn’t the root cause of my “Social Anxiety” maybe it’s because I’m a repulsive person who never developed a personality outside of Adult Swim and Video Game Journalism, or whatever it is I’m in to.” You may call it projecting, but I’m just calling it demographics.

Grow up, see a therapist. Get some Xanax. Learn to be nice to people. Hit your minimum word count in other ways, like talking shit about Kotaku writers. Get yourself together, man.


  1. This text starts very well. And keeps shiting on shit shitters. Which is a positive outcome in my opinion

  2. If you’re going to bash someone, you shouldn’t just skim their article. Nathan explains that he experiences social anxiety like many people, and appreciates the encouraging players, because being a troll is easy online, while being kind and upbuilding is being vulnerable, because it can be met with ridicule and rejection. Ironic how that post is met with ridicule and rejection.

    1. Hey Nathan I have social anxiety too, to the point where I take medication for it, and I’m still capable of being nice to people online without thinking it’s some big chore. Maybe you should just better yourself and stop blaming others for your own shortcomings

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