Trump Didn’t Build a Wall (yet) – You Did, Around my Heart.

editor’s note: this was published without editing. it’s rough, raw and hard to read. thanks for understanding, this will not be indicative of future content.

Election 2016 – Trump and Hillary Clinton and Social Media

I was a political news junkie. In 2011, my friends would have told you I’m crazy. My family disowned me. I sent everyone books and demanded debate at every turn. I was certain that if Ron Paul didn’t win, we’d be in for some dark times. I wasn’t exactly wrong but I’ve moved a long way from “Libertarian” since that time. Politically, I fall on the barometer of “Stop Posting Your Ill-informed Opinions of Politics on Social Media”. If you’re curious where this is on the political spectrum, here’s an illustration to help.


I became addicted to the happenings – the glimpse behind the veil of the media and social media made each event that happened seem more absurd and grimly comical. It’s not funny anymore to me, now it’s torture. I’m still addicted to the happenings, but where before I was excited because I believed each one would push individuals closer towards free thought and open discourse; I realize now – humanity will choose that delicious matrix steak every time.

I tell you what, folks. I’m exhausted. It’s been one hell of a year. I predicted, accurately, several of the events that would occur – but it brought me no pleasure. I’m not even here to talk about the election or the candidates. I’m here to talk about you. You, my friend.

We successfully talked about 0 actual issues

There’s some major fear-based rhetoric all across the board. Our resident writer, Nerthos, explore briefly in his heartfelt observation of the United States what I’m going to dive into here. Everyone has shared horribly made memes for the past year and a half of the end of humanity. Instead of discussing things like the economy, welfare, war and health – social media has only been abuzz about identity and fear. Fear! Fear! Fear! You all are so terrified for some reason. Terrified to the point of closing yourself off to everyone. We’ve totally succeeded in making it impossible to ever discuss anything online again. The media continues to tell us we’re divided and we’re letting them dictate how we feel. Come on, friends. We are friends and were before this who thing started. Did you know families are more okay with same-sex marriage in America (which is great) than they are their child marrying someone of an opposing political party (NPR)? This is madness.

Many people I’ve respected, I’ve had to straight up unfollow across the board. Not unfriend, mind you, because I believe everyone is entitled to their opinions – but unfollow. This is because I’m sad. I still will respect these people after the election, but people from all across the line have yelled at each other for the past 2 years and shared faulty infographics and links to their favorite confirming rag and haven’t stopped to listen. All I want to do on the internet is listen, talk and share stupid / great ideas. This is the only issue that I will fight to the death for. My hobby of shitposting is fraught with negatives across the board – but have you ever tried it? It’s incredibly therapeutic. If that’s taken away from me due to silencing the internet because we’re not grown up enough to have a conversation, I’m going to be really pissed off. Okay?

Where Do We Go From Here?

rwnewI don’t have a single clue. This horse I’m sitting on didn’t put its own stilts on. It’s easy for me to make a blanket statement across the board in how disappointed I am in humanity, but this does not offer a solution. I’ve written extensively about media hyperbole and chilling the fug out for the past year, but no one reads this stuff or cares. We release really nice chemicals when we feel good about things we share and post on the internet. When someone slams that like button, it makes us feel better. I think social media is probably a cancer on our overall growth towards a beautiful hivemind. It’s just the internet. Turn off your computers and go talk to someone you think you disagree with. Have a serious conversation. I promise they aren’t Hitler or a reptilian. Two people running for the highest office in our country, who were NOMINATED by our broken system and will continue to use our broken system to game how we view the world and elect people, should not destroy our relationships with each other. Seriously, debate and love each other.

It’s important to remain objective. There’s way too much information online and most of it is made up nonsense. Like this post, for instance. We published a large series of Election Day articles today for your entertainment and for making those wheels in your brain turn. But I want you to know that our staff is diverse politically, geographically and ideologically. The one common bond we have is our love for free discussion of ideas. Humanity is able to learn a lot from each other and not from a “Listen and Believe” perspective, but from a “Listen and Discuss” one.

We are the creators and innovators of tomorrow. Don’t let a stupid election and media and identity destroy your relationships with friends, family and loved ones. Don’t refuse to cross a bridge because of who built it. The foundation is probably well-reasoned. Of course there may be stupid people in the world, but I guarantee 98% of us are just trying to make it through the day.


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