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Garfield’s Dementia, A Hard Look at Life

Garfield Comic Strip Review for Week of June 13, 2016 Garfield is probably my spirit animal, not because of the actual content or character, but due to what he represents. Jim Davis, upon seeing the overwhelming popularity of Peanut’s Snoopy, decided he wanted to create a marketable comic strip about a cat. He used his […]

Media Shocked By Public Refusal to Listen to Rhetoric — dies in sleep

  After 60 years of agenda-driven reporting, the Media quietly passed away surrounded by loved ones. The Media was 411-years-old. Due to the Media’s insistence of running 24-hour cycles, many thousands of journalists were sacrificed to Baal… until the rise of Blogging. Bloggers taught the Media objectivity was a thing of the past. By trashing the […]

@h3h3Productions & Why You Should Care About Copyright Reform

Everyone has heard of copyright. That little © symbol sits at the bottom of nearly every website, it’s plastered on books, films and pretty much every piece of creativity you’ll pick up. While everyone has heard of it and has seen it, most people don’t know what it’s for outside of the idea of “don’t […]

#GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend and #GiveElsaAGirlfriend are literally gay Twitter Trends

I wish I had the time to get as annoyed about irrelevant things such as whether or not fictional characters’ sexuality mattered in 2 hour films.

Robek's Toys: Episode 1

  Really excited to share some of my awesome toy collection. In this episode, I review five of my rarest toys. Stay tuned for the next awesome episode of Robek’s toys.

It’s Time to Drop the Angry Video Game Nerd

We can’t have people like the “I refuse to watch Ghostbusters” guy continue their rhetoric, can we? Another month goes by and people are yet again furiously embittered by vitriolic headlines. How angry? Very. James Rolfe (also known as his character’s name “The Angry Video Game Nerd”), made headlines this week after what could only […]

How to un-Like HubSpot on Facebook!

So you signed up for HubSpot a long time ago and forgot that you had liked their page. After months of seeing the same bearded glasses guy in your Facebook feed, you’ve finally had it. The last straw was a stupid video campaign, comparing food to content. The video that did it was about using photos and keyboard […]

Why do I subject myself to this everyday?

Am I a Medium masochist? I seem to be a glutton for punishment. Hooked? We’ll come back to that. There are two things I want more than anything else in the world: Media Reform It’s time to revert copyright law to something sensible. It’s time to punish marketers and advertisers for filling the internet with […]

Adblock Blockers – A brief rant

Adblock blockers. It’s in your best interest just to blacklist sites using these (WIRED), because there’s nothing more incredibly stupid than a website breaking its own functionality to punish a user for how the user decides to use their computer. Wired etc, if you want people to see your ads, use native advertising and old […]

For the past half year, my partner in web experiences and I have been doing metric testing and ‘marketing gaming’ on aggregates such as Reddit, in order to discover the psychology behind honest discussion and commenting within online communities. When I say marketing gaming, I don’t mean marketing products — but literally gaming marketers. “Marketers”. If you […]


The last post may have seemed rude, but I promise I’m not hating on people – only practices, though it may seem like I’m trying to take advantage of a campaign, I promise I’m not. I finally managed to start Dan Lyons’s book this week. I realize I published a review of a particular software last […]