VirtuaDolls & VR — Advertising Is Changing

Insight seems to come at night, after I’ve exhausted the extensive amount of nonsense that pools around inside my head on Twitter.

I want to talk a little bit about this IndieGoGo project and how I think that this is about to change a lot about the world.

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I wish that I had been doing this prior to now, because Twitter isn’t the best format to push ideas to publish for later. Ideas come from other ideas and sharing them openly has lead to a lot of great innovations in the past few years. [There’s a certain level of openness that should be allowed by all creative properties. We’re seeing a bit of it now with how YouTube monetizations can work… but really this is a story for another time].

I was pointed to this VirtuaDolls (NSFW) device via @BasedDrWorm on Twitter and I found it incredibly interesting. Not because of the actual device, though it’s sure to boast some sort of intriguing specs at the price point, but because of the NOW of it. People have been joking about making these adult products and VR simulations for a while, but how do you get the majority of people to actually want to buy a product like this? You have to make it acceptable to the general public. Yes, there have been anonymous adult crowdfunding sites up until this point, most notably These sites did play a role in bringing about this change of thought.

A lot of thought appears to have been put into the face of this company. Most projects like this are displayed anonymously – many fear the potential of being labeled a ‘weirdo’, though most pioneers tend to be. The team developing VirtuaDolls knew they had to show that they were real people.

The face of the man on the project is fairly attractive and he appears to be in good shape. He does not fulfill the stereotype that media is so keen to portray of the assumed audience for this sort of product. I think this is a smart move by @VirtuaDolls, whether he is hired or the brainchild of it.

The fact this project has been on IndieGoGo for 5 days as of publishing this and steadily reaching its goal, and to no real major upset of feelings online… leads me to believe this is a heavily invested-in project. My assumption is that it’s merely a test / alpha run, of several like-minded investors, to see how this sort of thing would go over in 2016. The data gathered will be invaluable and I’m a bit envious I won’t be able to see it. Most ‘adult’ marketing is done on adult sites and billboards, while IndieGoGo is a major KickStarter competitor. I feel like IndieGoGo also knows what is up and this is likely why it approved this product silently. This may end up being a historical launch, at least on a deeper level.

I suspect we see a lot of news about this product soon.

I have no images to use on my computer for this piece.

I could be completely wrong and that’s fair as well, because right now we are in an exciting time for marketing, advertising, digital media, creator’s rights and copyrights. This is going to be a very important year. Several marketers and companies are getting it and that’s okay, because some of it is a return of consumer rights. I don’t make speculation out of telling you for an investment stand point, but as an education piece for when you’re out there tweeting #advertising. Only advertisers follow #advertising and of those who read anything without an endless cycle of bots, very few. Those very few are the bigger companies, because they are beginning to see the importance of personal conversation feeding into advertising. Most new businesses seem wary about this approach, but they shouldn’t be. Anyways, This whole practice is mostly good and slightly bad, but I’ve rambled on for too long and can expand upon this more later.

Also, the path of VR waking life is a cyber potential at this point and that’s pretty neat. I’m curious to see where we go from here.

Next time I’ll talk to you about my bastardized definition of Clusters


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