The last post may have seemed rude, but I promise I’m not hating on people – only practices, though it may seem like I’m trying to take advantage of a campaign, I promise I’m not. I finally managed to start Dan Lyons’s book this week. I realize I published a review of a particular software last week, but now that I’ve finally allowed myself a chance to dive and finish Disrupted, I’m smitten with it. The last book that captivated me to this extent regarding practices in the tech industry was the Steve Job’s biography. Lyons paints a great picture of what’s currently wrong in the industry, not as a call out to slam individuals, but as a plead to help dig ourselves out of this hole and start producing substantial content again (and to be mindful). I’ve been preaching this in every one of my articles for the past 8 months. It’s important for people like Lyons to shed light on this. My reach and engagement is limited, but when someone who is respected (with far more experience than myself) can point out flaws, the hope is more people can begin the problem solving process.

I’d love to have a conversation with any of you about anything! I think we can fix the problems with the current state of the web, but only if we have a conversation.

Best of luck!



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