It’s Time to Drop the Angry Video Game Nerd

We can’t have people like the “I refuse to watch Ghostbusters” guy continue their rhetoric, can we?

Another month goes by and people are yet again furiously embittered by vitriolic headlines. How angry? Very. James Rolfe (also known as his character’s name “The Angry Video Game Nerd”), made headlines this week after what could only be assumed is a massive attack on women around the world. At least that’s what social media and “entertainment news” sites seemed to suggest.

Rolfe was one of the early YouTube sensations. His acclaim to fame is a long running series in which he plays the AVGN (Angry Video Game Nerd), a stereotypical ‘nerd’ that spouts of obscenities while reviewing retro games. His character is satirical and within his reviews, his exaggeration and silliness points a critical eye at modern and retro game design. Rolfe is also a director and film critic. For the past decade, he’s talked about his love of horror films, B-movies, Ghostbusters and film production. He‘s a genuine product of the 80’s. Growing up around films, cartoons, comics, and retro games, Rolfe made home movies as a kid and continues to write and direct films today. His passion for cinema comes through in all of his Cinemassacre content. Many YouTubers change their mantra after a certain point, but Rolfe has remained steadfast in his

The three things to know about Rolfe is:

  1. He takes practical special effects incredibly seriously. He hates CGI and goes to great lengths to use practical effects as often as he can in his own work.
  2. He’s never been in an internet feud. There have been fake “internet battles” that his characters have been associated with, but outside of the AVGN Rolfe tries his hardest to remain kind and considerate.
  3. He is a critic. Critics share opinions. Critics do not preach the gospel. A good critic will explain his or her reasoning within their reviews / critiques — but leave it to the viewer / reader to come to their own conclusions regarding a work.

Since 2004, Rolfe and his Cinemassacre partner, Mike Matei, have produced hundreds of AVGN videos, over 300 film reviews and hundreds of other related videos online. Their videos are consistent and they are loyal to their fans. They are a rare pair and have deservedly earned a dedicated following.

Out of his hundreds of videos, Rolfe has never enraged anyone outside of a few individuals who may take a satirical review of a game seriously. As of a few days ago, he has enraged a large section of the internet from this video. Take a look:

Dreadful, isn’t it?

After this horrific video, it’s no wonder people who’ve never heard of him and are involved with Hollywood, attacked him not based on the content of the video, but by the video’s title and his appearance.

Patton Oswalt took the first punch.

The always relevant Dane Cook decides to not watch the video and just hop on the bandwagon.

There’s a lot more, but I’m not here to search tweets. After the celebs came the typical outcry from the “SJW’s”, trolls, and “Anti-SJW’s” and the predictable articles from scummy clickbait publications. It’s like kicking a beehive folks.

If you didn’t watch the video, allow me to sum it up for you.

  1. James did not like the new Ghostbusters trailer. He says he did not enjoy the CGI and the jokes.
  2. James does not like the practice of Hollywood preying on nostalgia for a quick buck.
  3. James will not see the movie or review it because he wants to vote with his dollars.

That’s essentially it.

I don’t give a damn about any of this.

My soapbox comes in here.

People are allowed to not go see a movie and explain why.
People are allowed to go see a movie and complain about it afterwards.
People are allowed to be fans of something and not fans of something else.

Stop letting the media and its personalities get you so riled up. Everyone is literally just trying to make a buck off of you or promote themselves. That’s fine, but by feeding the fires — you’re only increasing your stress levels, while shitty publications rake in the cash. Life is better if you can have a real conversation with people, even if they don’t share your point of view. Read the articles (not just the headlines), cut out the hyperbole, and be excellent to each other.

Twitter drama isn’t news, friends. We all like voting with our dollars, it’s far more effective that harassing each other on social media. Sometimes it takes no effort to be kind. is part of the problem.

You can also read this on Medium, if you want to feel pain.


  1. Retro is no a synonym for old. Retro is something new in the style of old.

    AVGN reviews old/classic/vintage games.

    Stop using this bloody word incorrectly.

  2. As someone who has been a fan since way back in 2006 it was breaking my heart to see the internet lambaste him for a pretty benign reason to not see it. It looked like shit, he didn’t make it about the sexism and it’s been two years and pretty much everyone agreed it was shit, haven’t come across anyone who had anything nice to say about it. But I was also heartbroken to see how the alt-right trolls from 4chan adopted him as some “uncucked champion” for it and sending tweets about Patton Oswald’s dead wife for (once again) a pretty benign comment on James’ video. I hate how both sides just turn everything into politics and from that some of the most disgusting places on the internet. The movie just looked bad and taking a dump on a beloved franchise for a quick buck. Just because someone doesn’t want to see it does not make them a misogynist and it doesn’t make them an alt-right champion. Either way James doesn’t seem effected by it too much and I’ll always be a fan.

  3. The way the internet came down on him as a women-hater or some such is just silly. While I completely disagree with his reasons on why he is/was against the GB reboot, nowhere does he say it is because of women ghostbusters. My take is that this video would have been made regardless of the cast.

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