Huge List of “Fake News” Websites

Here is a list of “fake news” sites. These sites use hyperbole, bias and misleading information to push traffic to their sites.

This is not the end all be all of fake news media, but it is a comprehensive and evolving list. A few may be controversial, but in general, people can agree these have been majorly problematic publications.


Each publication will be marked with numbers, these numbers denote the following.

  1. Frequent misleading headlines, content padding or non-objective bias.
  2. Frequent misinformation, non-existent sources, and editorials published as breaking news.
  3. Frequently uses social media as a source

The list:

ABC News ¹,²,³
CBS News ¹,²,³
CNN ¹,²,³
Fox News Channel ¹,²,³
MSNBC ¹,²,³
NBC News ¹,²,³
CNBC ¹,²,³
One America News Network ¹,²,³
New York Times ¹,²,³
Los Angeles Times ¹,²,³
USA Today ¹,²,³
Washington Post ¹,²,³
Newsweek ¹,²,³
TIME ¹,²,³
U.S. News & World Report ¹,²,³
Huffington Post ¹,²,³
Gawker ¹,²,³
Breitbart ¹,²,³
BBC News ¹,²,³
Al Jazeera ¹,²,³
RT ¹,²,³
Daily Mail ¹,²,³
Snopes ¹,²,³
Wikipedia ¹,³
Politifact ¹,²,³
Salon ¹,²,³
USA Today ¹,²,³
Business Insider ¹,²,³
AP ¹
Reuters ¹
Time ¹,²,³
Robek.World ¹,²,³

What now?

Mainstream media wants to make a dollar. Your worth is a click. Cutting revenue won’t stop people from making shit up online. Even shutting down Facebook wouldn’t stop it from happening. We need to learn to reach outside of our cognitive dissonance bubbles we’ve created and stop mindlessly consuming content that conforms with our own biases.

Google has fixed its content algorithms and that’s awesome, but fake news still exists and has since journalism became a staple of humanity. Own the fact we share things that we are biased towards — once we admit it, we can take steps to fix it and begin to talk again.


Next week we talk about sex! (Seriously)


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