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There’s a limited amount of things that can be done.
But not everything has been done yet.
So the thing you want to do hasn’t been done.
There are problems though.
There are a lot of things that have been done.
That’s a big problem, because you can’t do that.
Well, you can do those things, but you shouldn’t.
If you want to do something that hasn’t been done,
you’ll have to do something that hasn’t been done.
So you gotta look at the things that haven’t been done.
What hasn’t been done?
There’s a lot, sure.
I’ve got time to figure that out, it’s not too hard.
It is hard, though, to find the things that have been done.
There’s a lot of em.
I gotta find em all, and find out what they are.
There’s a lot of them already.
The more things that are made,
the more things I have to learn have been made.
But the more things that are made,
the more things other peepo haven’t learned have been made.
So I guess I’m allowed to steal from those who aren’t so popular.
Minecraft was stolen from Infiniminer.
Infiniminer was made by Zach Barth, who made a lot of other cool stuff.
You can find out about Infiniminer from Zach’s games.
And you can learn that Minecraft was stolen from that.
But it’s too big that you can’t care that much.
Zach doesn’t even care that much, he’s still makin cool stuff.
If I care too much about sealing stuff, I shouldn’t care, right?
But how do you steal?
Too much and I’ve taken too much inspiration.
But if I take inspiration from lessers then it’s more respectable.
If I take inspiration from greaters then it’s just imitation.
The key is to take my own ideas from myself.
The mind is a real cool mechanism. I got a lot of great shit in here.
I need to take it from inside myself.
It was put in here a while ago by someone else.
Whoever put it in there isn’t important, but it’s all in there.
When is there too much in there?
When am I done taking inspiration?
When is it time to start outputting?
We live on the shoulders of giants, we’ve got the greats inspiring us.
How many of those are those we should be inspired by?
There’s too much information out that I can read on.
There’s too much I haven’t read up on.
Am I a poseur if I haven’t?
Would I be legitamite if I just take from others’ inspirations?
That’s kinda shitty, but I guess there’s only one way to find out.
Also, my own mind has to be unique. It’s like a fingerprint.
I don’t even have haters but it’s the haters which are holding me back.
I gotta push past that potential hate, it’s me making what I make.
I can make what I want, and it’ll be what is mine.
Even if my fingerprint is too vague to recognize, I don’t know that yet.
It’s what I am, what I’ve been made to be.
What I’ve been made to be is something nobody else is.
And the same goes for any of you stupid enough to read my thoughts.
It’s what you are and what I am.
The expression you make through art has to be an expression of yourself.
You can’t NOT make it yourself.
I’ve gotta make it so I can express it though.
If you’re not already expressing yourself, you’re with me though.
I’ve gotta enter the state of expression.
My life has been a long line of absorption, but
I can only absorb so much.
I’ve spent too long doing that absorbing.
It’s time to squeeze out all that inspiration into something cool.
Because something cool is in there.
It’s in you too.
Especially if you’re absorbing the way I do.
I’ve done “art”
but have I done ART?
The real expression of myself,
the real expression of my ideas and my emotions.
I know what it could exist as if I put that out.
It doesn’t look as cool as I describe it here.
But it looks really cool still.
I know my skill to create isn’t up to snuff.
My goals are to grow those skills.
But I don’t think those skills are so out of reach.
Things are so much easier nowadays.
It’s easier to make music
It’s easier to make games
It’s easier to draw
It’s easier to publish
It’s easier to grow an audience.
All you have to do is make.
I’ve gotta make.
I’m gonna make.
So should you.

By Worldwide Hyper Yawn

I have successfully replaced any social needs with the internet I play too many video games than what's good for me

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  1. just abolish the concept of copyright in your head. as if you could own a string of notes, or an idea. AS IF. Covers are fun

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