Adblock Blockers – A brief rant

Adblock blockers. It’s in your best interest just to blacklist sites using these (WIRED), because there’s nothing more incredibly stupid than a website breaking its own functionality to punish a user for how the user decides to use their computer.

Wired etc, if you want people to see your ads, use native advertising and old bidding systems like back in the day. If you want them to subscribe, don’t break your website. A dollar is a fair subscription price, but holding your format and content ransom makes no sense. Engage the users and give them a reason to whitelist or subscribe. It’s not wrong to make money for producing quality content, but either just make the entire site blocked behind a paywall or offer your content for free and give incentives to subscribe. This works for lots of publications.

The thing about a paywall though is you won’t show up on valuable aggregates like Google News, so now you’ve all figured out some amazing way to get money from aggregate clicks while simultaneously frustrating your dedicated audience. A+ Work folks.

If your publication has more than 5 trackers and more than 3 ads, you need to rethink your model. Wired has at least 18 trackers on its front page and 10 ads.

We get it, it’s hard to make money as a publication in 2016 by using automated systems that are built to spam the hell out of every single person visiting your site. Maybe it’s time to innovate and reform the industry instead of just continuing to punish the users.

Remember when the music industry tried this with encryption and then got rid of it because it was stupid?

Hot damn.

Please note, that I understand the plight of the journalist and feel empathy for them. Shoddy corporate mismanagement and greed is putting the death knell into quality writing and journalism online. Ultimately it’s up to us and our livelihood to fix this issue, because most large parent companies don’t give a shit about the writers and consider them expendable.

The quality of content has gone way down. The internet has hurt the news industry, yes, but the industry has also hurt itself.


I’ll save the actual legality argument for a real article.

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