Virtual Reality: The Real Femme Fatale

Virtual Reality is the real Femme Fatale


An idea that’s been stirring in the minds of every unsatisfied man since the dawn of time. Yes, since the dawn of time. Do you really think Chief Sharpstone didn’t get tired of his wife sometimes? If only he’d stayed alive a few hundred more years, he would have seen his dreams turned into reality (virtual reality). Virtual reality has finally arrived – in all its gimmicky glory. We technically had robots before, but they never were able to compete with man until now. Virtual reality allows us to be closer to escaping our hellish existence for a few moments — something we could only achieve before through consuming mushrooms under trees. Although there are many uses for virtual reality, socially and industrially, it’s mostly going to be used sexually, as all great inventions. But is this a good thing? I say no. Put the pitchforks down and continue reading.

Let’s take a look at Japan, the land of the rising sun. Unfortunately, what isn’t rising is their birth rates. More and more men are choosing to ignore relationships entirely and find love in fantasy characters. Created with over-stimuli where real women can’t compete, these fantasy women act as empty receptacles for love and lust, in spite of their own people. While some people may want exactly this, they shouldn’t. These media succubi milk men for their money and attention, destroying their own society in the process. Meanwhile in the west, big brother government has taken the place of men in relationships. Most millennials have no desire for marriage, let alone children. While this is a personal choice, it is heavily influenced by the society they live in. If anything, it’s abnormal to want children these days. People now have the option to opt out, being told that Earth is over-populated, so it’s acceptable. That sounds reasonable at first, however, North America makes up 6.6% of the world’s population, with other countries of the west taking up less than 1% each. With western birth rates declining, we really don’t need Hatsune Miku AI driving us to extinction.


Virtual reality is easy satisfaction. Even if our lives are hell, we can virtually warp into the body of someone successful and be fulfilled. But we shouldn’t be able to. This doesn’t encourage us, it only makes us accept our terrible lives. It’s no secret that porn really messes with our heads. The amount of men with sexual issues are constantly rising and with this infliction comes higher quality pornography. Imagine that you can shape your entire reality to your will, with no work. The real world now has no consequence – leaving few to choose the path of hard work for reward.

Supernormal stimulus is the idea that there exists things that trigger our evolutionary desires at a beyond normal rate. This is seen in insects desiring beer bottles over their mates, attempting to fornicate with the bottles until they are eaten alive. These bottles trigger the stimuli in these insects, making them more desirable than their own species. We may laugh at how unfortunate this is, but few realize that we also suffer from this phenomenon. We see models with surgically perfected bodies and implanted sexual parts that far exceed our natural growth. And now, fictional characters are being realized closer to reality. We already found fictional characters cute, some even found them attractive. They are drawn in simple ways with stimuli we enjoy, such as flawless skin. Their lack of detail makes them easy to prefer over a regular person, who may have minor imperfections that don’t stand out to the super-conscious. And why even think, when you can instead rampant hedonism? As long as you don’t overthink it, it is simple dopamine. Virtual reality gets you even closer to what you’re consuming, so you’re not thinking about how you’re pretending to be another person living the life that you wish you were. Most people already put this idea out of their heads, and virtual reality will cement their fallacious beliefs.

So tomorrow, when you’re walking to your car after a long day of work and you look up to the dull blue-gray sky framed by monotone painted prisons of cement, just say to yourself: “Everything will be okay. ” And as the streets grow more and more empty, you will find few reasons to present your composed image to an ever declining audience. And then, you will stay inside. And Hatsune Miku will greet you with a hug that almost feels real.

everything will be okay

Everything will be okay.

Everything will be okay.



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By Haze

Haze is a self proclaimed philosopher, philanthropist, and a bunch of other words. She writes about technology, memetics, metaphysics, and other things that sound smart with no real backing.


  1. Well kiddo, you saw the symptom as the disease. As you said, this is a western problem mostly. Or better yet, a first world problem. And why? The answer is not very clear, but I think how we see families, and the male/female relationships are way different. Women are not willing to marry anymore, and men drove their desires to the virtual world. Hell, read this and you might see one of the differences we need to deal with in comparison to real third world countries:
    Spain have one of the lowest birth rates in the world. Maybe this is one of the reasons.

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