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The new RW Cryptocurrency Ratings are the first by a quantum technology journal. They are based on a groundbreaking model that analyzes holds and picks from people who have been stuck with heavy bags. Instead of worrying with cumbersome “research” of patterns, technology, and usage — we were just upfront with our audience, letting them know that every single time someone publishes a list like this from the flesh world, they have no foundation in reality.

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The world of cryptocurrency isn’t new and people who profit from it are either lucky or intelligent or scamming pump and dumps behind a paywall. If the latter doesn’t stop, expect more countries to get pretty upset and start banning illegal currencies (lol how tho). Millions of new investors have showed up because CNBC is telling them to buy Ripple and the CryptoGenius is spamming advertisements on Twitter and YouTube. The market suffers from desperate people hoping to dig themselves out of the hole that modern debt slavery has caused through promises of riches trading digital dogs and beans. It desperately needs people to understand the fundamental technology behind blockchain and the actual practical applications.

We’re proud to be the first quantum journal to bring the benefit of being honest to investors. We’re creating hype, very clearly. But instead of saying we’re avoiding the hype, while creating hype, we’re literally saying that this is all a smokescreen for us to make money.

Despite having no frame of reference for what we’re talking about, we can assure you that cryptocurrencies and blockchain are now OFFICIALLY through the growing pains stage and will actually probably be integral to the future of business. But you’ll have to take our word for it because in this next paragraph we’ll contradict ourselves.

Depending on how governments react to literally everyone from criminals to Burger King creating their own currency, this ride may be over and we’ll all be stuck with worthless bags of TRONX while rotting in prison. This is where our ratings proposes to make a change!

Robek World’s 3 Months of Experience

Robek World, which began in 2015 on a mongolian textile trading forum, is the world’s leading independent quantum technology journal. Today, RW assigns arbitrary letters to random cryptocurrencies based on 5 trades on coinbase and some trending hashtags on twitter.

Unlike Weiss, we don’t have a public relations team or fancy investment firms backing our ratings. We haven’t bought anything prior to releasing our list because we aren’t that smart.

Robek World’s ratings are mostly objective and somewhat subjective as they are based on an anonymous panel of self-proclaimed experts that took out second mortgages on their homes to buy meme money on the internet.

We also don’t have the energy to write 8 more paragraphs hyping ourselves up in our hype list piece. The benefit of our list is that you don’t have to subscribe or pay a subscription to view it.

The Robek World Ratings Scale

A = Holding

B = Probably buying again soon

C = Stuck holding (praying for a moon)

D = Can’t Sell

F = Literally Can’t Cash Out

A plus or minus sign indicates how much we were drinking when we got to that row on our excel spreadsheet, or whether or not Tone Vays has been an asshole about this particular coin.

Important Caveats

Before investing, please understand these 2 caveats.

Caveat 1. Don’t misunderstand this scale. Other groups publish lists all the time, or coins of the week, or other nonsense. We’re not big enough to justify publishing this list, therefore you shouldn’t view our scale as something to base a purchase off of, at all.

Caveat 2. Don’t buy cryptocurrency. Look, they’ll probably go up, but it’s not worth the emotional turmoil, especially when you probably aren’t going to do any fundamentals research into any of the coins you might buy. This space is not fun. You will probably lose all of your money. Like seriously, there are coins that increase in price because D list celebrities post about them on instagram. This is insane.

What next?

You can view our full report and rankings by clicking this link. It makes sense why other outlets only added less than 100 coins. It’s time consuming! We hope we provided you with some good insight and hope you stay off of our board.

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