The Melancholy of Brilliant Shane

I very specifically remember the moment I discovered Brilliant Shane. It was a fortuitous accident. According to my YouTube like history, this discovery happened in early 2016. In case you and I are unacquainted, I’m addicted to shitposting and had found myself in an INTERNET argument (as I often do). This argument was a classic — one where I […]

cooking with the realest is the best cooking show youre not watching
“Cooking With The Realest” Transformed His Kitchen… and His Life.

#CookingWithTheRealest changed this notorious hacker’s life and will change your kitchen.

@h3h3Productions & Why You Should Care About Copyright Reform

Everyone has heard of copyright. That little © symbol sits at the bottom of nearly every website, it’s plastered on books, films and pretty much every piece of creativity you’ll pick up. While everyone has heard of it and has seen it, most people don’t know what it’s for outside of the idea of “don’t […]