Friday the 13th: Part Robek: The Review

I took on many challenges in 2019. Many casual Why Fans may have heard about my successful attempt at No Shit ’19, where I refused to poop once in 12 months. But the true fans of myself (who go by many names such as The Why Army, Whyheads, Why Guys, and the one name that […]

necrolepsy game review by triodug

Necrolepsy is an action adventure platformer, or metroidvania for all you buzzword enthusiasts out there. You play as Lira, a spunky bounty hunter cursed with Necrolepsy(tm) by a group of multi colored tokusatsu necromancers.

Risk of Rain? More Like Risk of Rain 2

First of all I’d like to say hello, I haven’t written an article in a while, and to be honest I have no real reason for it. Second, what is up with this new editor? Everything looks different and I’m scared. Anyways, Risk of Rain is a game that came out in 2013 and Risk […]

My 2018 In Video Games

Because I lack any humor I once had, I don’t want to do elaborate awards this year. Instead, I’ll give my thoughts on some games I explored or rediscovered this year. At the end, I comment about some things potentially coming in 2019. The Alliance Alive The little 3DS is so proud of its success, […]

It was awesome
I Tried To Order A Fortnite Burger At McDonald’s. This Is My Story.

ON August 6th, let’s all go to mcdonald’s and order a fortnite burger. the look on the employee’s faces will be awesome. One month ago I woke up at about 7:30, and, like everyone else in the world, I immediately checked my Twitter feed during my morning shit. Buried inside of “The Algorithm” (which actually […]

WHY writes about Games Don't Need To Be Shorter
Games Don’t Need To Be Shorter

But they shouldn’t be longer either. What do you think when someone tells you a game is 100 hours long? Chances are you don’t get excited; I wouldn’t. Experience shows that a game that long is going to have lots of padding, and most of that time is spent unsatisfied. There’s a point in any […]

whats the deal with pasta salad
What’s the Deal with Pasta Salad?

Every single time there’s a work catered event, someone orders pasta salad. The question is…why? Does anyone actually like pasta salad? You arrive, you’re already annoyed about the two drink maximum, and there on the bar it sits. Pasta salad. What’s the deal with pasta salad? Is is pasta? Is it salad? What is it? I […]

Rotlich Critiques: The Robot Masters of our time

The year really is 20XX, so naturally that means that Mega Man is now canon. That means we live among Robot Masters now! Let’s see what kinda robot masters are out there! I mean, goddamn, we have serving robots, mining robots, and robots we didn’t even fucking make – they just keep dropping from space. […]

Situation: A New Word For Story in Games

I want a new way to look at the story in games, what we have now just won’t do. Games are obviously a different medium than movies, or books, and some developers fail to understand this. So, why even have a story, or care about it? Like John Carmack said, “Story in a game is […]

Listen, I Understand You Are Upset, But No Amount Of Yelling At Me Or My Manager Will Fix The McFlurry Machine Before The Back-Ordered Parts Arrive

We’ve all been there. 15 Bong Rips deep in an awkward night with your friend Bryan, who you really only spend time with because he’s super lonely, and you kinda feel bad for him.

Wil Wheaton is the Morrissey of “Geek Culture”

What an amazing time to be alive. Platforms like Medium allow us boring peasants an outlet to interact (or start fights) with the STARS! Wil Wheaton is a Medium super user and to celebrate his rich history of being Wil Wheaton, I wanted to touch on something that’s been in the back of my mind […]

I’m Not Going To Kill Bart Simpson, But If I Was, Here Is How I Would Do It

e have a problem. It’s nearly 2017, and Bart Simpson is still alive. “Wait, what are you talking about?” You’re probably saying right now, out loud at your computer screen like some kind of idiot who thinks I can hear you. “Bart Simpson is a cool guy. Why is it bad that he’s alive?” Or, […]