Friday the 13th: Part Robek: The Review

I took on many challenges in 2019. Many casual Why Fans may have heard about my successful attempt at No Shit ’19, where I refused to poop once in 12 months. But the true fans of myself (who go by many names such as The Why Army, Whyheads, Why Guys, and the one name that […]

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Top 5 Ways You Can Tell If You Are Currently Living In A Society

You’ve probably asked yourself this question before. “Am I living in a society?” If you’re the type of person who googles “QAnon Antifa Paul Simon Farewell Concert” and “What does SEO stand for?” you probably have always pondered the great questions in life, like “What is a society?”, “am I living in one?”, “Do they […]

Coaches Corner Presents: Last Take #1 – The Leafs, Journalistic Integrity, and Coaches’ Origin Story

Wow. It’s sure been awhile, hasn’t it? Since May? 4 Months? If I owed any of you anything, I’d give you an explanation. Well, frankly, it’s just been a very busy summer for me. I moonlighted as an NBA journalist, wrote most of a novel, and had a whirlwind vacation to my favourite city in […]

A Bold Re-Gifting – The Pope Just Gave Donald Trump A Copy Of Undertale

If anything, 2016 will go down in history as the year that shit just plain stopped making sense. About a year ago, for some reason that I have not been able to determine despite hours of research, his holiness The Pope invited a bunch of youtubers to the goddamn Vatican. This was generally regarded as […]

The Horrifying Way Fake News Makes Your Brain Work

Scientists have had a lot to say recently, and that’s a good thing. Without them, we’d be neck deep in a nightmare dystopia. Luckily, we’re only waist-deep, but Fake News™ could push humanity there… if we’re not vigilant. Recent sources close to scientists have suggested that Fake News™ could be reprogramming our brains and changing […]

What is GNU social and is Mastodon Social a “Twitter Clone”?

What is Mastodon Social and what makes it so special? These are good questions, but in order to answer them – we’ll have to provide a frame of reference.

An Admin: What if there was Twitter without Nazis?

Are the barbarians at the gate? If you trust the journalists from vice and the verge, there isn’t even a gate. One developer with the nickname ‘Gargron’ thought up a great idea:

“What if there was Twitter without Nazis?”

Confession: I am a Content Marketer and that Means I Sell You Lies

Forgive me reader, for I have sinned. You may think this post is meant to teach you about content marketing (it will) and how it differs from traditional marketing, (it also will). However, like all good content marketers, I have a deeper, more insidious goal. Sales. Or, in this case, conversions and metrics. (He’s confessed […]

Virtual Reality is the real Femme Fatale
Virtual Reality: The Real Femme Fatale


An idea that’s been stirring in the minds of every unsatisfied man since the dawn of time. Yes, since the dawn of time. Do you really think Chief Sharpstone didn’t get tired of his wife sometimes? If only he’d stayed alive a few hundred more years, he would have seen his dreams turned into reality (virtual reality).

This is what will happen with Uber

In case you’ve been living under a rock, or just in general, don’t give a hoot(suite) about Silicon Valley news – Uber’s in a lot of trouble. Financially? No, not really. Other than a few open letters from its investors (who haven’t withdrawn their funding) and some apologetic nonsense from CEO, Travis Kalanik – Uber’s withstood the past few weeks of “SHOCKING” news.

Digital Dreams are Made of Wires and Things

Virtual Reality: The Year the Universe Ended — Part 2 “Tell us, Robek.” The static characters displayed drip with sardonic bemusement. I respond with a curt, Tell you…what? “You always say crazy shit.. what do you think about virtual reality? Just a gimmick or maybe something more?” A reply that proves my anxiety driven suspicion. Oh, I’ll tell you. […]

The Year in Review: Video Games

In Which I Drift Between Irony And Sincerity