Why Is This Promoted? An honest review of Twitter’s new beta program.

At the beginning of November, one of my accounts received an invite to Twitter’s automated ads beta program. The email read: “We’re expanding our automated ads pilot program and invite you to participate in our private beta. For $99 a month automatically promote your Tweets and profile to expand your audience and attract new followers.  […]

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Thoughts on Destiny 2 + “Blizzard App” and Fisher-Price DOTA (Heroes of the Storm)

I can’t stop playing / paying for these shallow games. It’s finally been made clear to me. I had questioned why Blizzard would change the name of it’s classic and well-known Battle.Net service. It has brand equity, is catchy, and has been the Blizzard catch all for multiplayer gaming since 1996. Changing the name to “GENERIC […]

The Tale of the Cracker Connoisseur

Once upon a time there was a cracker connoisseur who was named William Henry York or something like that. He had eaten crackers all his life, and soon came to realize there was more to crackers than being simply a salty snack. Lately, he was in search of a more sophisticated cracker. He had always […]

Confession: I am a Content Marketer and that Means I Sell You Lies

Forgive me reader, for I have sinned. You may think this post is meant to teach you about content marketing (it will) and how it differs from traditional marketing, (it also will). However, like all good content marketers, I have a deeper, more insidious goal. Sales. Or, in this case, conversions and metrics. (He’s confessed […]

This is what will happen with Uber

In case you’ve been living under a rock, or just in general, don’t give a hoot(suite) about Silicon Valley news – Uber’s in a lot of trouble. Financially? No, not really. Other than a few open letters from its investors (who haven’t withdrawn their funding) and some apologetic nonsense from CEO, Travis Kalanik – Uber’s withstood the past few weeks of “SHOCKING” news.

My Damn Cats Need a Job

I’m asking myself some tough questions lately. The cat question is the biggest one. Why do we have pets? Are they for comfort, or status? Loneliness or companionship? I’m convinced that I have two cats, because of accidental masochism.

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Listen I Don’t Have Much Time You Need To Understand

There comes a point in every human’s life where everything comes to an end. It’s like the climax of a good movie but it’s really lame and doesnn’t have good setup. You probably havenn’t had that happen to you because you’re not cool enough for it. You might also be too cool for it, but […]

“You’re Hilarious”

A chat log deditated.ram [3:40 PM] Was anyone in this group birthed after the internet was here? [3:40] Like grew up thinking it’s just a thing we have. robek.world [3:40 PM] no deditated.ram [3:40 PM] Dang, I wanted to ask about how they learned about it and what they think it really is for. [3:41] […]

Garfield’s Dementia, A Hard Look at Life

Garfield Comic Strip Review for Week of June 13, 2016 Garfield is probably my spirit animal, not because of the actual content or character, but due to what he represents. Jim Davis, upon seeing the overwhelming popularity of Peanut’s Snoopy, decided he wanted to create a marketable comic strip about a cat. He used his […]

How to un-Like HubSpot on Facebook!

So you signed up for HubSpot a long time ago and forgot that you had liked their page. After months of seeing the same bearded glasses guy in your Facebook feed, you’ve finally had it. The last straw was a stupid video campaign, comparing food to content. The video that did it was about using photos and keyboard […]

Adblock Blockers – A brief rant

Adblock blockers. It’s in your best interest just to blacklist sites using these (WIRED), because there’s nothing more incredibly stupid than a website breaking its own functionality to punish a user for how the user decides to use their computer. Wired etc, if you want people to see your ads, use native advertising and old […]

For the past half year, my partner in web experiences and I have been doing metric testing and ‘marketing gaming’ on aggregates such as Reddit, in order to discover the psychology behind honest discussion and commenting within online communities. When I say marketing gaming, I don’t mean marketing products — but literally gaming marketers. “Marketers”. If you […]