what is the fediverse
What is the Fediverse 2020

Times certainly have changed since 2016! The Fediverse has grown organically into an amazing network of hobbyists and friends. Learn about the Fediverse and how to get started in this 2020 Introduction to the Fediverse. You can find the prequel here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t1lYU… Get started on your adventure today: https://shitposter.club/https://pleroma.social/ Transcript: What is the Fediverse? Welcome […]

cryptocurrency ranking ratings
The Robek World Cryptocurrency Ratings Explained

The new RW Cryptocurrency Ratings are the first by a quantum technology journal. They are based on a groundbreaking model that analyzes holds and picks from people who have been stuck with heavy bags. Instead of worrying with cumbersome “research” of patterns, technology, and usage — we were just upfront with our audience, letting them know that […]

Why Is This Promoted? An honest review of Twitter’s new beta program.

At the beginning of November, one of my accounts received an invite to Twitter’s automated ads beta program. The email read: “We’re expanding our automated ads pilot program and invite you to participate in our private beta. For $99 a month automatically promote your Tweets and profile to expand your audience and attract new followers.  […]

the current climate of cryptocurrency part 1 robek world
The Current Climate of Cryptocurrency – Part 1

Welcome to crypto! Since June, the entire climate of cryptocurrency has been in a complete state of calamity. There’s no doubt you’ve heard about them from your nephew, co-worker, or religious leader. Bitcoin and Ethereum have been featured prominently in the news media, forcing everyone to share their ill-informed opinions of the space. With the […]

90% Chance You’ll Get Screwed During the Bitcoin “Hard Fork” if you Sell

TLDR: Don’t sell “Bitcoin Classic” to buy “Bitcoin Fresh” Marvin Threshel was just like any other miner. He’d crossed the great expanse of the western plains to end up in California. He sifted and panned, and got in early enough to amass a large amount of gold. He expanded his operations. He brought in miners from […]

The Melancholy of Brilliant Shane

I very specifically remember the moment I discovered Brilliant Shane. It was a fortuitous accident. According to my YouTube like history, this discovery happened in early 2016. In case you and I are unacquainted, I’m addicted to shitposting and had found myself in an INTERNET argument (as I often do). This argument was a classic — one where I […]

The Horrifying Way Fake News Makes Your Brain Work

Scientists have had a lot to say recently, and that’s a good thing. Without them, we’d be neck deep in a nightmare dystopia. Luckily, we’re only waist-deep, but Fake News™ could push humanity there… if we’re not vigilant. Recent sources close to scientists have suggested that Fake News™ could be reprogramming our brains and changing […]

A Newcomer to the Fediverse

There’s a sub-segment of Twitter that I used to really enjoy. It still exists, and it’s called #FrogTwitter. The frog being referred is Pepe, infamous for his memetastic association with the elusive alt-right. This cartoon character was absurdly condemned as a hate symbol by Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, as well as the Anti-Defamation League. #FrogTwitter could be […]

What is GNU social and is Mastodon Social a “Twitter Clone”?

What is Mastodon Social and what makes it so special? These are good questions, but in order to answer them – we’ll have to provide a frame of reference.

An Admin: What if there was Twitter without Nazis?

Are the barbarians at the gate? If you trust the journalists from vice and the verge, there isn’t even a gate. One developer with the nickname ‘Gargron’ thought up a great idea:

“What if there was Twitter without Nazis?”

Confession: I am a Content Marketer and that Means I Sell You Lies

Forgive me reader, for I have sinned. You may think this post is meant to teach you about content marketing (it will) and how it differs from traditional marketing, (it also will). However, like all good content marketers, I have a deeper, more insidious goal. Sales. Or, in this case, conversions and metrics. (He’s confessed […]

Virtual Reality is the real Femme Fatale
Virtual Reality: The Real Femme Fatale


An idea that’s been stirring in the minds of every unsatisfied man since the dawn of time. Yes, since the dawn of time. Do you really think Chief Sharpstone didn’t get tired of his wife sometimes? If only he’d stayed alive a few hundred more years, he would have seen his dreams turned into reality (virtual reality).