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MLA and AP Guidelines: New Punctuation for 2017

As is standard for each new year, the style guidelines for writing have been updated. English is an evolving language and reflects the age and culture. Over the past few decades, English has spread across the globe and is pretty much the universal language. In order to keep you informed, we’ve created this handy guide […]


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How to un-Like HubSpot on Facebook!

So you signed up for HubSpot a long time ago and forgot that you had liked their page. After months of seeing the same bearded glasses guy in your Facebook feed, you’ve finally had it. The last straw was a stupid video campaign, comparing food to content. The video that did it was about using photos and keyboard […]


The last post may have seemed rude, but I promise I’m not hating on people – only practices, though it may seem like I’m trying to take advantage of a campaign, I promise I’m not. I finally managed to start Dan Lyons’s book this week. I realize I published a review of a particular software last […]

Top 5 Ways to Generate Leads on Google

Dogshit Dogshit dogshit dogshit dogshit dogshit, dogshit. Dogshit dogshit dogshit dogshit dogshit dogshit: Dogshit – dogshit dogshit dogshit! #Dogshit Dogshit dogshit dogshit dogshit. Dogshit dogshit dogSHIT Dogshit. Dogshit, dogshit, dogshit dogshit dogshit dogshit. @dogshit   This post was inspired by Dan Lyons and his brilliant new book Disrupted. You can also check out my review of HubSpot […]

Why I tried the HubSpot Kool-aid and then Spit it Out 6 months later.

Even though I’m a bit worn out by NPR’s regular reporting, I still really enjoyOn Point with Tom Ashbrook and Terry Gross’s Fresh Air. By chance, I caught part of the Fresh Air interview with the fantastic Dan Lyons, who was discussing HubSpot (and his new book, Disrupted), a product that I had already started […]

Top 5 Tips for Generating Likes on Twitter

We’re really good at marketing here at if our past client work hasn’t already proved that. So I’m sure you’re wondering how you can be as popular at social media as people like Kanye West and Charles Manson. Here’s a list with some tips. Use the hashtag #marketing. Use the hashtag #inboundmarketing. Use the […]