Friday the 13th: Part Robek: The Review

I took on many challenges in 2019. Many casual Why Fans may have heard about my successful attempt at No Shit ’19, where I refused to poop once in 12 months. But the true fans of myself (who go by many names such as The Why Army, Whyheads, Why Guys, and the one name that […]

the current climate of cryptocurrency part 1 robek world
The Current Climate of Cryptocurrency – Part 1

Welcome to crypto! Since June, the entire climate of cryptocurrency has been in a complete state of calamity. There’s no doubt you’ve heard about them from your nephew, co-worker, or religious leader. Bitcoin and Ethereum have been featured prominently in the news media, forcing everyone to share their ill-informed opinions of the space. With the […]

Crypto Moon

At 12:33 a.m. on December 7 1972, American astronaut Eugene Cernan left earth on a Saturn V rocket heading to the moon as part of the Apollo 17 mission. Cernan is remembered as the last man to walk on the moon, but his impact on history has been much more insidious; for Cernan brought back […]

cooking with the realest is the best cooking show youre not watching
“Cooking With The Realest” Transformed His Kitchen… and His Life.

#CookingWithTheRealest changed this notorious hacker’s life and will change your kitchen.

Kinkshaming Golden shower Gate Trump
I Am Going To Kinkshame The President-Elect Of The United States Of America And There’s Not A God Damn Thing You Can Do About It

In today’s sociopolitical journalistic landscape, fact-checking, credibility, and sincerity in reporting has (rightfully) come to the forefront. We’re all tired of “Fake News” and that ilk, right? I mean, I’d hope that anyone smart enough to be reading my column realizes that fucking Clickhole isn’t real news. This entire “Trend” of people being fooled by […]

The Venting of Sexuality Throughout the Ages

Since the beginning of history, humanity has been driven forward by a multitude of factors: Food, safety, housing, stability, ga…

@h3h3Productions & Why You Should Care About Copyright Reform

Everyone has heard of copyright. That little © symbol sits at the bottom of nearly every website, it’s plastered on books, films and pretty much every piece of creativity you’ll pick up. While everyone has heard of it and has seen it, most people don’t know what it’s for outside of the idea of “don’t […]