The Space Device Premise and the Certain Promise of Our Inevitable Demise

Well… it’s been a while since I’ve visited this series. I know you’ve all be very eager to see how I wrap it up. The twists and turns we’ve been through…how it all ties together. We could go anywhere basically. A long time ago, approximately 2017, I had a vision for the end of this […]

cryptocurrency ranking ratings
The Robek World Cryptocurrency Ratings Explained

The new RW Cryptocurrency Ratings are the first by a quantum technology journal. They are based on a groundbreaking model that analyzes holds and picks from people who have been stuck with heavy bags. Instead of worrying with cumbersome “research” of patterns, technology, and usage — we were just upfront with our audience, letting them know that […]

An Admin: What if there was Twitter without Nazis?

Are the barbarians at the gate? If you trust the journalists from vice and the verge, there isn’t even a gate. One developer with the nickname ‘Gargron’ thought up a great idea:

“What if there was Twitter without Nazis?”

Virtual Reality is the real Femme Fatale
Virtual Reality: The Real Femme Fatale


An idea that’s been stirring in the minds of every unsatisfied man since the dawn of time. Yes, since the dawn of time. Do you really think Chief Sharpstone didn’t get tired of his wife sometimes? If only he’d stayed alive a few hundred more years, he would have seen his dreams turned into reality (virtual reality).

theres no time quick hurry why robek world
Listen I Don’t Have Much Time You Need To Understand

There comes a point in every human’s life where everything comes to an end. It’s like the climax of a good movie but it’s really lame and doesnn’t have good setup. You probably havenn’t had that happen to you because you’re not cool enough for it. You might also be too cool for it, but […]

5 Hot Tips To Avoid Showing Partisan Support On Election Day

Maybe you want to keep your friendships. Maybe you didn’t vote. Maybe you don’t want people to think about you being some sort of radical political annoyance. If you’re on, you probably have a very bad social life to begin with and don’t want to make it worse. So, with this upcoming election, the […]

based on nerthos's original sketch
Nintendo Switch: What’s inside it?

Everyone who knows what a video game console is, probably talking about it right now. Will it be an useless gimmick? Will it be a successful product? No one knows, but we can’t help but wonder.

Garfield’s Dementia

This week we review Garfield with a new technology called ‘video’

@h3h3Productions & Why You Should Care About Copyright Reform

Everyone has heard of copyright. That little © symbol sits at the bottom of nearly every website, it’s plastered on books, films and pretty much every piece of creativity you’ll pick up. While everyone has heard of it and has seen it, most people don’t know what it’s for outside of the idea of “don’t […]

#GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend and #GiveElsaAGirlfriend are literally gay Twitter Trends

I wish I had the time to get as annoyed about irrelevant things such as whether or not fictional characters’ sexuality mattered in 2 hour films.

Adblock Blockers – A brief rant

Adblock blockers. It’s in your best interest just to blacklist sites using these (WIRED), because there’s nothing more incredibly stupid than a website breaking its own functionality to punish a user for how the user decides to use their computer. Wired etc, if you want people to see your ads, use native advertising and old […]

steps: here’s how you take a screenshot in linux first you take a photo with your iphone then you email that photo to yourself because you don’t want to learn a new skill like how to take a screenshot by googling it then you upload it to social media #Sunday #SaturdayNightTakeaway #sa #sdsr […]