You Can Hear The People Shouting

Have you ever heard a joke that was so funny you wish you could hear it a thousand times? A quip, a phrase, an anecdote, anything – not necessarily for the first time either – that simply appreciates in value the more and more you hear it? Do you wish that there was a way […]

Crypto Moon

At 12:33 a.m. on December 7 1972, American astronaut Eugene Cernan left earth on a Saturn V rocket heading to the moon as part of the Apollo 17 mission. Cernan is remembered as the last man to walk on the moon, but his impact on history has been much more insidious; for Cernan brought back […]


efore you sits an interesting man. A man with a presence strong enough to instill a slight sensation of indigestion. Your finger hovers above a bright red button as you study the uncontrollable emotions he conjures. Your trance is broken when the man begins to speak. “You gonna pull the trigger, kid?” Staring down at […]

2016 Hellection, In Pepe We Trust

It is happening. The election is nigh. Pepe’s chosen has sex with his supermodel wife before styling his signature hair using the moisture from the linens of virgins for hair gel and riding his EAGLE from the top of Trump Tower. He rides to the polls. Meanwhile, in the darkness of the Democrats’ HQ, Hillary sits on a […]

Robek Told Me I Couldn’t Publish My Homestuck Fanfiction On This Website, But That Will Not Stop Me.

Chapter 1 ohn Egbert was never the type to wax nostalgic about times long since passed, but he couldn’t help but feel a twinge of that deep, emotional and visceral feeling as he left The Office for the day. He said goodbye to his co-workers, (who didn’t say anything back, because they are quite literally […]