The Tale of the Cracker Connoisseur

Once upon a time there was a cracker connoisseur who was named William Henry York or something like that. He had eaten crackers all his life, and soon came to realize there was more to crackers than being simply a salty snack. Lately, he was in search of a more sophisticated cracker. He had always […]

Wipe that smile off your face kid, because comedy is dead

Comedy used to be amazing. It was the pinnacle of entertainment. It was fresh and relevant. It made people laugh; it made people forget about their shitty lives.

2016 Hellection, In Pepe We Trust

It is happening. The election is nigh. Pepe’s chosen has sex with his supermodel wife before styling his signature hair using the moisture from the linens of virgins for hair gel and riding his EAGLE from the top of Trump Tower. He rides to the polls. Meanwhile, in the darkness of the Democrats’ HQ, Hillary sits on a […]

Behold! From the murky depths below, a body emurges from ashes. Hail, Rotlich! THE ONE WHO LIVES AGAIN!

Hello, Hello! I am the Rotlich, I go my other names but for this, I go by Rotlich. and I like writing fiction and short stories. Outlandish short stories, I find the outlandish and bizarre to be as terrifying and beautiful, and I hope I can share that with you. so it’s probably going to […]