A Newcomer to the Fediverse

There’s a sub-segment of Twitter that I used to really enjoy. It still exists, and it’s called #FrogTwitter. The frog being referred is Pepe, infamous for his memetastic association with the elusive alt-right. This cartoon character was absurdly condemned as a hate symbol by Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, as well as the Anti-Defamation League. #FrogTwitter could be […]

What is GNU social and is Mastodon Social a “Twitter Clone”?

What is Mastodon Social and what makes it so special? These are good questions, but in order to answer them – we’ll have to provide a frame of reference.

An Admin: What if there was Twitter without Nazis?

Are the barbarians at the gate? If you trust the journalists from vice and the verge, there isn’t even a gate. One developer with the nickname ‘Gargron’ thought up a great idea:

“What if there was Twitter without Nazis?”

Digital Dreams are Made of Wires and Things

Virtual Reality: The Year the Universe Ended — Part 2 “Tell us, Robek.” The static characters displayed drip with sardonic bemusement. I respond with a curt, Tell you…what? “You always say crazy shit.. what do you think about virtual reality? Just a gimmick or maybe something more?” A reply that proves my anxiety driven suspicion. Oh, I’ll tell you. […]