This Will Trigger the Election Results Filter on Social Media + COVID-19 Vaccine Fraud. That means it’s working.

This article is very dangerous. It has some pretty extreme words in the headline. I’m using it to A/B test the news. You see the election is a serious business and if you post an article about it from an unverified source like Robek.World, you’re gonna have a bad time on social media. I’ll show […]

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Top 5 Ways You Can Tell If You Are Currently Living In A Society

You’ve probably asked yourself this question before. “Am I living in a society?” If you’re the type of person who googles “QAnon Antifa Paul Simon Farewell Concert” and “What does SEO stand for?” you probably have always pondered the great questions in life, like “What is a society?”, “am I living in one?”, “Do they […]

A Bold Re-Gifting – The Pope Just Gave Donald Trump A Copy Of Undertale

If anything, 2016 will go down in history as the year that shit just plain stopped making sense. About a year ago, for some reason that I have not been able to determine despite hours of research, his holiness The Pope invited a bunch of youtubers to the goddamn Vatican. This was generally regarded as […]


Before we kick this off I’d like to say that I had a very hard time narrowing this down to just the top five reasons. I had almost 90 reasons on the shortlist before I sat down to bang this one out. I’d have to say that I spent nearly two hours narrowing this down […]


Hey folks, welcome to Coaches Corner. First thing I’m going to address here is this – I understand that the Hockey Night In Canada segment starring Don Cherry and Ron McLean is spelled “Coach’s Corner.” I’m here to clear up any confusion about this. One, this is a corner of multiple coaches. Two, copywrite law […]

Kinkshaming Golden shower Gate Trump
I Am Going To Kinkshame The President-Elect Of The United States Of America And There’s Not A God Damn Thing You Can Do About It

In today’s sociopolitical journalistic landscape, fact-checking, credibility, and sincerity in reporting has (rightfully) come to the forefront. We’re all tired of “Fake News” and that ilk, right? I mean, I’d hope that anyone smart enough to be reading my column realizes that fucking Clickhole isn’t real news. This entire “Trend” of people being fooled by […]

Contrary to Popular Belief, Carrie Fisher Didn’t Lead a Galactic Rebellion

It’s time to stop. Celebrity worship and the social media virtue signalling upon a death has gotten out of control.

2016 Hellection: Pepe’s Chosen Has Risen.

And it happened, ladies and gentlemen.

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Coaches Corner’s Election 2016 Spoilers

I have read every single article on this election. I have viewed the sabremetric stats on just about every website known to man. I have read the forecasts from both the furthest left and the furthest right. I have talked to Democrats turned radical leftists who actually think that voting 3rd party is a good […]

How a Cartoon Frog Became Public Enemy #1 for the Establishment

Pepe the Frog is a meme well loved by both celebrities and “deplorables” alike, but how did this frog who once “pulled down his pants all the way when he goes pee” go from a silly reaction image to a symbol of terror? In 2005, artist Matt Furie published a series of comics, called Boy’s […]

Media Shocked By Public Refusal to Listen to Rhetoric — dies in sleep

  After 60 years of agenda-driven reporting, the Media quietly passed away surrounded by loved ones. The Media was 411-years-old. Due to the Media’s insistence of running 24-hour cycles, many thousands of journalists were sacrificed to Baal… until the rise of Blogging. Bloggers taught the Media objectivity was a thing of the past. By trashing the […]

robek.world wins 5,000 Twitter followers from Mayor of Fiction, Michigan

In a surprising turn of events, the mayor of Fiction, Michigan declared robek.world the greatest online resource for the Internet.  The award ceremony is Tuesday, when the mayor fires 5,000 followers into the air. We are told it’s going to be quite the spectacle. Tune in at 6, when the ceremony begins. robek.world declined to […]