When the Sun Opens

When the Sun Opens     I was told a lie growing up. It was one of those lies that was, at its very core, entirely harmless, especially when it was fed to the over-imaginative brain of a child. Of course, harm is hardly a dualistic thing. There’s a sliding scale involved, because the world is […]

Post-Modernism, A Crash Course; or “Turns out, you can just put words in any order you want and it doesn’t matter.”

So, what is the Deal with post-modernism? Isn’t right now modern? How can we be post-modern? Isn’t that just the future? Unfortunately, due entirely to dipshits who decided to name an era that occurred now nearly 80 years ago as the “modern era” without any shred of foresight as to the fact that time (not […]

Garfield’s Dementia

This week we review Garfield with a new technology called ‘video’


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