This Will Trigger the Election Results Filter on Social Media + COVID-19 Vaccine Fraud. That means it’s working.


This article is very dangerous. It has some pretty extreme words in the headline. I’m using it to A/B test the news. You see the election is a serious business and if you post an article about it from an unverified source like Robek.World, you’re gonna have a bad time on social media. I’ll show you after I publish. Anyways, this article isn’t about election fraud or COVID or anything. Read on to learn more.

Did you know that today I heard media companies A/B test headlines? That’s pretty cool. I A/B test stuff all the time being the world’s coolest marketing executive. But headlines? When I was in journalism school (which I dropped out of because holy shit I do not have the hero mindset required to deal with mass comm majors… which is also why I dropped out of theatre… too much drama), the basic 100 level courses on writing headlines was be objective and to the point. Which means you don’t include editorial commentary in the headline.

An example of this is my headline for this article. It doesn’t need the phrase “That means it’s working”. What means it’s working? According to who? Is there a study. Should I have instead said “Article banned on Twitter, study shows”. Probably. That would have been more appropriate. But still wrong, as there was no study. The study I just made up.

I feel like if you want people to do things like trust people you shouldn’t try to tell them to trust you. This seems to be the biggest problem across the board. If bread makes you fat and you’re talking to a bread factory — be sincere and objective. Hey bread factory, here’s some data from the food manager that shows empirical evidence that bread makes you fat and that 90% of people who eat bread 90% of the day are 90x fatter than people who only eat some bread, sometimes. Please draw your own conclusion however, as my job is just to report the news – not provide flavor based on my own subjective observations.

I promised myself and everyone that I would not write about the media anymore. What is left to say? Why am I acting like a crazy person here? Well, if you follow my social media accounts then you’ve already read my shorter version of this rant. I was trigger again. By the news. Imagine, you have a vaccine and it works and then you instill fear in people creating the very the fear that the doctor in the article you wrote warned about. All because of a headline. Impressive. NBC published an article. This is the before and this is the after they changed the headline hours later.


Yahoo news is just an aggregate for sources so they don’t typically update immediately after an outlet does. So, this article was originally published with this headline.

Then updated hours later to this headline:


Why? For what purpose? As I said, just don’t include “That will mean it’s working.”

“The biggest tragedy would be if we have a safe and effective vaccine that people are hesitant to get,” said Dr. Preeti Malani, chief health officer and a professor of medicine at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.”

I agree. That would actually be a tragedy. We know people are alarmist and extreme right now. Instead of playing to that for additional clicks, I think editors need to start taking some responsibility and do the right thing.

Thanks for reading my blog post, I didn’t read or edit it afterwards and copy and pasted most of it from rants I had across other channels. No one will be able to read this anyways because it will be flagged on most social media. I’m sorry I wrote about the media again. It wasn’t even that cool this time. It was just boring.

Love you!


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