5 Ways to Welcome You to Our Site

Welcome to robek.world™. Today, I want to talk a little about how I’m going to welcome you to our website. Welcoming people to the site with the first post you ever make, is incredibly important. Some people will feel left out or even unwanted if you forget this important post.

A welcome from robek.world™
A welcome from robek.world™

What should I put in a Welcome Post?

  1. You should first welcome your new visitor.
  2. Tell the visitor not to worry. Tell them that everything will be okay.
  3. Make the visitor feel welcome, by offering links to different parts of your website. Don’t forget to put an image as well. Images are marketable to people.
  4. Link your about page in the welcome post. People like to learn about YOU.
  5. Remind them to like and favorite your posts and to thank them for their support.

Now that you know what to include in your welcome post, you should be ready to launch your first site.

As always: don’t worry, everything will be okay! Thanks again and we invite you to explore our archive. You might just learn something new!


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