VirtuaDolls & VR — Advertising Is Changing

Insight seems to come at night, after I’ve exhausted the extensive amount of nonsense that pools around inside my head on Twitter. I want to talk a little bit about this IndieGoGo project and how I think that this is about to change a lot about the world. Images are important eye catchers for articles […]


Top 5 Tips for Generating Likes on Twitter

We’re really good at marketing here at if our past client work hasn’t already proved that. So I’m sure you’re wondering how you can be as popular at social media as people like Kanye West and Charles Manson. Here’s a list with some tips. Use the hashtag #marketing. Use the hashtag #inboundmarketing. Use the […] wins 5,000 Twitter followers from Mayor of Fiction, Michigan

In a surprising turn of events, the mayor of Fiction, Michigan declared the greatest online resource for the Internet.  The award ceremony is Tuesday, when the mayor fires 5,000 followers into the air. We are told it’s going to be quite the spectacle. Tune in at 6, when the ceremony begins. declined to […]

5 Ways to Welcome You to Our Site

Welcome to™. Today, I want to talk a little about how I’m going to welcome you to our website. Welcoming people to the site with the first post you ever make, is incredibly important. Some people will feel left out or even unwanted if you forget this important post. What should I put in […]