The Space Device Premise and the Certain Promise of Our Inevitable Demise

Well… it’s been a while since I’ve visited this series. I know you’ve all be very eager to see how I wrap it up. The twists and turns we’ve been through…how it all ties together. We could go anywhere basically.

A long time ago, approximately 2017, I had a vision for the end of this series. I drew the header art and made the headline and never revisited it (see above). Let me briefly walk you down the path I was going to take — before bringing you to where my mind forked.

If you’re a well-read conspiracy theorist, you know all there is to know about aliens. The fact of the matter is that there’s not just one possibility. We have lots of science fiction and hollywood to thank for the global collective alien meme head-cannon… but no true woke ass alien aficionado can claim that one theory is more likely than another. There are basically 4 schools of alien thought:

  1. The “most-likely” scientific scenario (and one that post-Saganites like to push) is that if aliens exist, they all died long before us or we are so uninteresting they’d never visit us. Very boring. 
  2. The more spiritually minded suggest aliens are demons/angels and don’t come from outer space. 
  3. There’s the folks who believe there are many different races of aliens.
  4. Then there’s those who think aliens are us from the future. 

These are categories without intent included. Intent is a very different thing. Because of our humanity, we see things in pretty absolute terms. Either aliens are benevolent (like Ashtar), neutral, or evil. It further complicates things when you have aliens that are part of global policy making and illuminati lore. Do they wanna harvest our souls or do they just wanna stop us from shooting nukes into space?

Anyways, I decided a while back… it doesn’t really matter. The best thing about space colonization would be the ability for humans to get as far away from each other as possible…but we will never go to space. Sorry! So, instead of focusing on this — I’ve got a more fun topic.

Title: Earth 2070ish – Welcome to the Sky City! 

Subtitle: Part 1 — It sure isn’t beef they’re serving down there!

The Chip worked perfectly. It always has. Since its arrival in the late 2030’s, all of its bugs had long since been worked out. Sure, there were a few minor speedbumps — mass psychosis for a few hundred, comas for a handful of others. A small price to pay for progress…and progress was quick! Artificial Intelligence never really took off the way futurists expected but the software industry did manage to create self-improving algorithms for code optimization. It started out as a simple method for bringing old code to modern standards. It evolved into nearly self-writing software. Today, you can simply write a few strings and two lines of basic functions and voila! Left to their own devices, these software tools now build the rest of the application for you. It’s really no wonder the bugs were worked out so quickly.

The Chip wasn’t for everyone though. There was a “chip” that everyone was mandated to have installed but it wasn’t The Chip. The Chip was a key, a sort of elevated consciousness. Literally. The Chip included simple genetic manipulation that eased the burden of age to the point it didn’t really exist — improving vitality and repairing memory. It kept the heart pumping. It had the internet. It allowed entry into the Sky City. 

During the 2010’s, a new budding industry formed. It was artificial meat. Impossible burgers, beyond burgers, fake fish, bug burgers — whatever. Yuppies paid a premium to eat this food and little did they care (because I’m sure at the core, everyone knew) that they were being conditioned to live without livestock. Biodiversity was taking a dump and while it wouldn’t really have mattered for a few hundred more years, it made sense to start preparing folks for the culinary delights of soy ‘hemoglobin’. A world full of only humans, cows, chickens, and pigs is a dark look on paper. Too much cultivation of the same genetic lineage and it was likely we’d see a mass outbreak of disease across livestock. We’d been losing bananas for years due to lack of genetic diversity and the outlook wasn’t great. With a third of the planet being farmed, the people in charge needed a place to go once EVERYONE was working on a farm. Cooked meat may have helped mankind get their ‘big brains’ but it really couldn’t be maintained on the path we were headed. It just made much more sense to let the workers eat what they produced.

You see, automation had made people complacent. They got their UBI-bucks and ‘gerked’ it to Virtual Reality porn all day. What people needed was a kick in the butt. Artificial outrage was created, escalating into the “corporate feudalism wars” and finally a global communist state was created. CommunoCapitalism is what it really was though. Everyone worked the giant Earth farm. Sure their were large cities and ‘eclectic’ food and culture. Everyone had to live in them. Many people didn’t even know their ‘jobs’ were related to farm work. Just one big loop to feed the general populace. It was beautiful really. Everyone really did have what they think they wanted. After 25 years, most people didn’t even look up anymore. They’d completely forgotten about the Sky City. 

It had always just been there.

To be continued.

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  1. When i come to alien schools of thought, you kinda goofed it. There are more than 4, and 2-4 in your list arent really explanations for why they arent seen. Theres:
    The good ol government cover-up,
    Alien life is so unlikely that none are near us,
    Alien life is too unlikely to become sentient enough to contact us (it took 3by for unicellular life to become multicellular, than another billion until humans. The universe is only 14.5by old! Furthermore, our sun will be too hot for life in about another billion years, making a narrow window).
    You can make an argument for your school #2, but school #3 is kinda assumed in most cases including your #1 and #2

    #4 is wack but brings up another school that aliens are here but dont want to be seen

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