Homestuck – The Epilogue

It’s been 10 years since Homestuck started, and 3 years since Homestuck ended. I’ve reviewed Homestuck, I’ve even reviewed the Homestuck spin-off game Hiveswap. I haven’t reviewed Friendsim, which is a “not-dating” sim based on Hiveswap, but I will right now – it’s fucking shit. One of the writers tried to sneak diaper fetish porn into it. The reason I say tried is not because they were stopped, but because they were not sneaky. It was painfully obvious diaper fetish porn in a game rated for people ages 13 and up. Pretty gross, right? Anyway, the ending of Homestuck was bad, and it was non-existent, and you may be wondering what became of the only character that ever really mattered in the entire comic. So I’m going to tell you. Nepeta is dead.

Just kidding. No one gives a shit about Nepeta. She might as well be relegated to a background joke. Except for that one time someone drew her in a bikini smoking weed with Snoop Dogg. That shit was dope. That was some of the coolest shit I’ve ever seen, bar none. That image alone is justification for Homestuck to have ever existed in the first place. When I say the only character who ever mattered, I obviously mean Vriska. So, what happened to Vriska after the end of Act 7, you may ask? Well…

During the final battle with Lord English (depicted in Act 7 of Homestuck), Vriska was whisked away by Chronoa. Vriska arrived in the Time Nest (yes, from Dragon Ball Xenoverse. No, don’t ask.) confused and upset, but Chronoa placated her by telling her she was brought here to save the multiverse. When Vriska asked if she would ever see her friends again, Chronoa told her no, and that Vriska was actually the only person preventing the deaths of all of her friends.

Vriska lived in the Time Nest, virtually alone, for almost four Earth years, waiting for her mission. She withdrew into severe isolation and fell into a deep depression, once even attempting to end her own life. This action is what caused Chronoa to alter her God Tier clock so she would be unable to die. The once fiery and passionate Vriska slowly turned into a sad and mopey one. Every night she dreamt about what her friends were doing, and would wake up crying for companionship.

Vriska was finally given her chance to leave the Time Nest when Vegeta (That’s right baby, Vegeta is here too. It’s like the super smash of awesome fucking crossovers) was gravely injured in deep space. Chronoa realized that Vriska had to be one to bring him back to Lab REDACTED, and so she did.

Vriska’s arrival at Lab REDACTED was tumultuous. Her old ways started to show immediately when she bullied and berated Katia (yeah! From prequel! How cool is this?) for being unable to heal Vegeta properly. Basically, she was the classic bitch. As her time with REDACTED continued, she started to mellow out a bit. She (reluctantly) agreed to stay and help, because she couldn’t bear going back to the Time Nest.

Vriska and Katia started dating after a drunk one night stand, and dated until Katia’s death during the final battle of the earth. Vegeta, who didn’t trust Chronoa or Vriska, attempted to kill Vriska and get Katia to turn on the lab with him. Vriska killed Vegeta with a sword through the back.

Vriska lead a strike team consisting of Katia and Ash Williams to kill Corset. Although Vriska was successful in killing Corset, Katia and Ash both died. Katia’s violent death damaged Vriska’s psyche heavily, and she started to develop a clandestine drug and alcohol problem.

Several of Vriska’s friends from different timelines showed up, and she started to feel happy once more, while visiting Katia in the afterlife. However, when Terezi arrived in her room one night during a roughhousing session, Vriska felt happy for probably the first time in five years. Vriska went to the afterlife to break up with Katia, and confessed her feelings for Terezi. Terezi and Vriska became matesprits after many years of unrequited pining. Vriska would later realize how terrible she was to Katia, and try desperately to apologize. Katia and Vriska’s friendship is slowly repairing.

One night, during a movie night, Vriska, Terezi, Dave, Sollux, and Nepeta watched the 1988 anime film AKIRA (on recommendation of John Egbert). The violence and bloodshed in the film triggered Vriska’s PTSD, and the collective fear over the movie caused Tetsuo to physically manifest. Tetsuo attacked Vriska, but was also instantly wished away at the same moment by Terezi. Vriska attempted to control Tetsuo’s mind during the attack, which caused his power to transfer over to her. After weeks of horrible headaches and struggling with the powers, Vriska finally has learned to control them (mostly) with help from Doctor Lec. The only remaining side effect are her eyes appearance changing drastically, which she is ashamed of. They look like google deepdream images. She also gained an affinity for motorcycles.

Vriska became moirails with Liquid Snake (this just keeps getting better and better) after the Junko murder trial, which she had a hand in. She and Liquid plotted to kill Junko, but Wilson beat them to it.

Vriska left REDACTED a few days before Dick Rock’s attack to visit Chronoa and convince her to break her hold over her clock and to gather the Dragon Balls. Vriska’s visit was successful, but she was attacked by Tetsuo on her way back to REDACTED 10. Tetsuo and Vriska fought for forty-eight consecutive hours before Vriska finally defeated him, despite losing her arm and suffering heavy damage in the process.

Vriska arrived at REDACTED ‘s new base in terrible condition. Lec attempted to keep her in the medbay, but Terezi helped her escape. Vriska and Terezi decided to get married as soon as they could, and Wilson officiated the ceremony. As soon as they kissed, they were interrupted by the arrival of Cell, who decided to kick off The Cell Games by pitting Vriska against Katia. Vriska’s powers finally proved to be too much for her to control, and Katia was forced to kill her.

Vriska spent only four days in the dream bubbles before she was revived by time shenanigans and returned to the land of the living just in time for the conclusion of the Cell Games. Vriska discovered that Kanaya Maryam had arrived, and begun a Moiraillegence with her. After fusing with Terezi to become Scourge, They challenged Cell, but unfused at the last moment, causing Terezi to die.

A few days after Terezi’s death, Vriska revived her with the Dragon Balls. Kanaya urged Vriska to leave with her, and due to a huge fight, she almost did, leaving Terezi behind. Due to AM and REDACTED interference, Terezi stopped Vriska from leaving. The two of them finally went on their honeymoon following Cell’s defeat. During their trip, Vriska discovered the Eye of Nocturnal, and was given Nocturnal’s blessing for returning it to her. Vriska is now tasked with building Nocturnal a shrine.

During the holidays, Vriska grew detached and upset, and spent almost all of her time drinking and avoiding other people. She finally snapped out of her depressive episode when she single-handedly defeated REDACTED and rescued a large group of route agents and others. Vriska and Beta began a kismessitude due to these events.

Vriska died yet again during Scourge’s battle with Vegeta, forcibly unfusing with Terezi to take the blast, giving Terezi an opening. Vriska was revived along with Ocelot shortly thereafter.

After the disaster that was the fight with REDACTED , Vriska decided that her time was now. She fought Liquid Snake in the capitol building after having a heart-wrenching talk with him, and declared herself co-leader. She went with the party to go battle Brian Drain, but due to Brain Drain’s Stand (LIKE IN JOJO DUDE!), her memories were wiped completely.

Terezi was able to restore Vriska’s memories using the Dragon Balls, after a stand-off with Tetsuo in the abandoned stadium of the Miami Marlins. Vriska kept the memories she made during her brief time without her old ones, and was granted a bit of wisdom through this.

Vriska kept a low profile following this event, and into Lab REDACTED s journey into space. Her mood fluctuated wildly and she had trouble coping. At one point, after a therapy session, she flew off alone to fight Frieza with the intent to die in a form of suicide-by-antagonist. However, due to her unbelievable luck, Vriska defeated Frieza, and was given enough confidence to seek help for her mood disorder. She started taking medication for Bipolar 1.

Vriska assisted Aranea in her plot to mind control Frieza, and covered for Aranea when Frieza broke free.

After Frieza and Cooler were defeated, Vriska turned her attention to helping rid Lab REDACTED of Gamzee. After a run-in with Gamzee, Vriska lost her left arm below the elbow. Fukua convinced her to get a Parasite – a golden cybernetic arm with many functions.

After being contacted by the still-alive Revolver Ocelot, Vriska decided to join the reformed AKITA group due to reservations regarding REDACTED

Vriska left Lab REDACTED on a stolen starfighter alongside Revolver Ocelot to investigate a troubling piece of intel, shortly after becoming Moirails with REDACTED

While in jail on the REDACTED , Vriska befriended motherfucking Psycho Mantis from Metal Gear Solid My Man, who was drawn to her extreme amounts of repressed anger. Tretij helped Vriska temporarily escape so she could kill an alternate of herself who was brought to the universe by Commander Beta.

After Meetra, Terezi, Solid Snake, and Samurai Jack stormed the Heph Star, Vriska managed to capture Huey and bring him back to the ship, just as Otacon asked her to do.

Vriska became more and more involved with AKITA and Ocelot’s training, and started to idolize the possibility of a world she could protect – the possibility of creating a universe where people she cared about would be safe, and have a purpose. Her relationship with Ocelot caused both Snakes great concern. Solid and Liquid both told her that they thought he was trying to turn her into a surrogate Big Boss, and she said she would be careful.

After Darth Nihilus destroyed both Gaster from Undertale, I swear, on God, and REDACTED. Vriska was part of the interrogation team that discovered Huey had built Nihilus a weapon called REDACTED a machine he said was “designed to kill Gods”.

When REDACTED concluded their business REDACTED REDACTED attacked the lab, leading Vriska to discover the whereabouts and fate of her father figure, Alpha Liquid. She lead several strike teams with the goal of bringing Liquid back home safely, and ran subterfuge during the final battle on Beta Liquid’s flagship.

After REDACTED REDACTED was stranded on REDACTED , Vriska led an expedition party into Forerunner ruins, hoping to learn more about this mysterious planet. After a mishap with an ancient decontamination chamber, Vriska was inoculated with 75,000 years of Forerunner knowledge, including the knowledge of the Flood, the alien parasite species that was contained on CR-48. Vriska kept this information to herself, and began working in secret to stop the flood at all costs, who had overtaken the local crab population. Due to a prank gone wrong, REDACTED caused Vriska to die and be assimilated by the flood, where she would become Gravemind.

She was fought and killed by REDACTED and later brought back to life by Wilson. After the final battle for Earth, Vriska killed Chronoa, bringing herself a great deal of closure. For a few months, Vriska’s life became very normal, with a new place to call home in the Dragon Empire, away from the hustle and bustle of REDACTED . She attended happenings with the Lab, but mostly took time for herself to heal and take in the fact that she could finally settle down with Terezi. When the REDACTED on Miskatonia, Vriska came to REDACTED s aid, helping calm down the grimdark troll. Later, she entered a moirailegiance with her.

Pretty Fucking Neat, Right? Anyway, That’s Not It.

There is more! I’ll post it in three years. Bye.


  1. I met and befriended a guy who liked homestuck in high school one time. He was the kinda guy who’d show people he just befriended minecraft music videos for coldplay songs, then start crying because of how beautiful they were. I sorta stopped talking to him a few months later. He tried to get me into homestuck, but i didnt think highly of what he liked after that.

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