Behold! From the murky depths below, a body emurges from ashes. Hail, Rotlich! THE ONE WHO LIVES AGAIN!

Hello, Hello!

I am the Rotlich, I go my other names but for this, I go by Rotlich. and I like writing fiction and short stories. Outlandish short stories, I find the outlandish and bizarre to be as terrifying and beautiful, and I hope I can share that with you. so it’s probably going to be more about knights reclaiming lands in a world that wants them dead and blood crusaders fighting humans-turned-robots than about the harsh reality of life. I also may or may not rant about things that make me ANGRY, but we’ll see.

But when I’m not writing about stories of hanging sirens, I’ll talk about videogames, particularly on those that only I have played, games and franchises you may or may not know. Won’t be discussing about the marios or the zeldas. Instead, I’ll be talking about hillbillies in space, the Shattered Skies, kung fu warriors fighting monsters and summoning said monsters to vanquish their foes, and incompetent inquisitors failing on their jobs. And, more importantly, how fun it is. Hopefully I’ll explain myself why I like certain games and why I hate others properly.

My works are more of a practice of writing fiction and articles than anything, keep in mind I’m just someone who has a computer in the middle of nowhere that’s constantly out of time. I have no proper training in writing, editing, or anything, nor am I an expect to any form of subject matter, past or present. To put it simply, I AM NO PROFESSIONAL AND I AM NO EXPERT, PLEASE UNDERSTAND. I write what I like and rant about I hate. Especially on hate. The world turns on hate.

In other words, we’re going to dive down into the nothingness. And we’re going to find things that will be unnerving. Creepy things, such as malformed skulls carrying murderous worms multiplying and contracting, drinking eye fluids while they discussing about and experiencing alternate universes branching and colliding, fusing each other without end. Giant beating hearts in the clouds, pulsating around the sun, their veins stretching across the blasted horizon. Oh such wonders we will go. And hopefully find things that you may take with you once this journey is over. Hopefully something positive.

Or terrifying, I’m okay with that too. orz

By Rotlich

Rotlich is just a regular amateur artist and (sorta) writer, that loves to create worlds and universe. The problem is, what is a performer that with no audience? What he hopes is to show his guts off to the world. Also loves to talk about unimportant things like how clouds are his worst enemies or clinging to how awesome this one obscure thing is.

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