Andy: Taking Back Memes from the Alt-Right

Anybody who is up to date on internet culture could tell you about “Pepe“, the green frog taking the world by storm. In the past few years, Pepe has gone from a comic book where he pulled his pants all the way down to pee, to a lovable face being collected all around the globe. Users from around the globe collect “rare Pepe’s” by saving uncommon and original memes of Pepe doing poses or with added visual effects. Pepe has even had celebrity attention, being posted by Katy Perry in a very funny relatable meme. However, recently the alternative right-wing, otherwise known as the “internet hate machine”, has stolen Pepe to use in racist memes where Pepe dons a red “Make America Great Again” hat in support of controversial presidential candidate Donald Trump. Matt Furie, the creator of the comic “Boys’ Club” and Pepe himself, has shown his disdain for the subversion of his creation and fought back by joining the Anti-Defamation League and making his own anti-Trump memes. Unfortunately, Pepe may be a lost cause due to the chaotic nature of the internet. But we can continue his cool guy mood and Matt Furie’s work by creating a new meme, Andy: the wise guy!

© Matt Furie

Andy is a thinker

Andy does not jump onto any bandwagon! He thinks his way through his problems, and is cool while doing it. His wise guy attitude will keep you on your toes while you wait to hear his next epic quip.

Andy is against bigotry

Racism, sexism, anti-semitism… Those aren’t cool, dude! Andy just wants the whole world to be together as one gnarly people! Andy speaks out against hate, and you should too!

Andy supports Israel

Andy doesn’t follow the internet hate machine, because he is his own machine. An awesome machine! He’s done his research, and he knows why we should support our brothers in the east.

Rare Andy’s are more valuable than Rare Pepe’s

The “MAGA” movement rushed all of their memes out the door, ruining the value of them. Be the coolest dude in your “squad” by getting a head start on the newest meme.

Andy supports Hillary Clinton

You don’t have to be politically obsessed to be #WithHer! Andy knows that we have to stop hate and¬†sexism by having a strong female role model for the youth of today.


Spread the word of Andy on Twitter with #ForAndy, and with #ImWithHer.

By Haze

Haze is a self proclaimed philosopher, philanthropist, and a bunch of other words. She writes about technology, memetics, metaphysics, and other things that sound smart with no real backing.


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