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While our content may seem abstract, we’re serious about the work we do. With over 10 years in the advertising and marketing world, we’re equipped to audit your advertising agency. Many advertising agencies, Public Relations groups, SEO firms, social media pros, and external marketing contacts mean well, but don’t have the time to dedicate to their individual clients. Often they pad their work with meaningless and frustrating presentations littered with useless callouts and promises of the great things to come. I know, because I’ve been there. There’s also an issue with the trends, practices, and technology changing at a rapid pace – the truth is, most experts don’t keep up with this.

We’ve got a track record of many successful audits saving large and small companies hundreds of thousands of dollars on contracts and costs. If you feel frustrated by your current agency situation – contact robekworld at gmail dot com or call 5 1 2 – 5 3 7 – 7 7 4 8.

What are our rates? It depends on the size of your company. We aren’t your run-of-the-mill consultants with a fancy fucking website and wishy-washy bullshit. If you’ve discovered this page, it wasn’t through advertising – it’s because you were looking for it. We’ll set up a discovery call and make sure we can provide you the service you need for a fair, mutually agreed upon price. By solving your problems, you’re helping us fix the digital landscape.

This isn’t a joke. We’re offering this service for two reasons:

  1. We keep getting requests for this.
  2. We believe the future of the digital media is at stake and only by improving the practices killing the internet can we begin to improve it.

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