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RW “robek world” Dirstein


robek is a purveyor of internet history and a rabid insane person about things such as media and copyright reform. He waits with bated breath for the apocalypse and has approximately 100 batteries, 10 packs of seeds, a hand crank generator, slingshot, big knife, lots of water, some chef boyardee and a 96 pack of tampons. Everyone pretends to like RW, but they’re really in it for the money.

Jamie had never believed in elves before, but something told her she was about to.





Worldwide Hyper Yawn

Tech Editor

Worldwide Hyper Yawn (WHY) has successfully replaced any social needs with the internet.
He plays too many video games than what’s good for him.

“You forgot something,” you shout at the screen like an idiot, “aren’t games supposed to be fun?”






Coaches Corner

Staff Writer

“Not long ago a young girl named Alvery roamed the patch work which covers the land (some call it internet). She were looked upon by Pan and raised by fairies and the Angels of light who play deep within the Wood. ‘Let’s write a column on robek.world called Coaches Corner,’ Alvery shouted one day. The internet thought this idea was a good one. ‘we can use our magical website and you can play your keyboards,’ they said. So she began to create. All of the stories were about wooden toys and invisible friends and filled with the strange machinations of the true face of evil.”

The kind of chair that breaks if you try to do the classic cool-kid “lean back in the chair” thing.




Staff Writer

Haze is a self proclaimed philosopher, philanthropist, and a bunch of other words. She writes about technology, memetics, metaphysics, and other things that sound smart with no real backing.

If you can read this, please send help. I’m being held in the Clinton campaign office in Brooklyn.







Staff Writer










Staff Writer

Rotlich is just a regular amateur artist and writer, that loves to create worlds and universe. The problem is, what is a performer that with no audience? What he hopes is to show his guts off to the world. Also loves to talk about unimportant things like how clouds are his worst enemies or clinging to how awesome this one obscure thing is.




“Behold! From the murky depths below, a body emurges from ashes. Hail, Rotlich! THE ONE WHO LIVES AGAIN!”